Apple, “Somebody stop me!!!”

Not far long was the announcement of the Verizon iPhone. The iPhone community all over the globe are beginning to hear news that incorporates Apple’s plans to prepare the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 based upon a newer and faster dual core processor that would support much higher resolution in an astonishing way.

So much for the iPhone community being able to enjoy games and applications on their iPhone that incorporate high resolution, it wasn’t long when people were left awed with the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 is assumed to be very much around the corner. The newer and faster dual core processor can very easily inherit the legacy of the A4 (the processor used in iPhone 4 and iPad) and the chances are high that it would be called A5.

Apple has been working along the Blue Ocean strategy for long. It is their high quality and distinctive interface upon which they prepare their products that really matters. The non-compatibility of major applications has allowed Apple to stand out of the ordinary. Apple, be it iPhone, iPad or their systems, has always considered its competition as well as its customers irrelevant.

Alongside Apple, another highly successful interface is that of the Google Android. Android has done wonders with respect to its growth and success in recent times. But most importantly, Google Android has not yet been as quick in terms of development as the Apple and its iPhone.

Think of a 10-inch display screen that incorporates features and high resolution that a 24-inch monitor displays. This sort of development and expertise in technology is something that is not usually heard of and if anyone has had the potential to do it, that anyone surely cannot be any other than Apple who can make it happen. Similar technology is reportedly to be utilized in the Apple TV and it would further augment the productivity and effectiveness of the iPad 2 as the usage of this technology would make the iPad 2 compatible for all GSM, UMTS and CDMA networks.

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iPhone continues to complement the Blue Ocean strategy

Many people believe that the competitive edge that iPhone and Apple enjoys over its competitors is the high-class leadership of the world renowned Steve Jobs. This is truly a reason why iPhone stands out of the ordinary and enjoys magnanimous success and market share all over the world. But, can anyone think as to what difference can one man bring about in the operations of a company? Well, I will surely open up not a new, but a perspective that generally ends up being ignored.

What companies do to stand-out?

Upon all the discussions and accolades that iPhone and Apple enjoys with respect to the leadership of Steve Jobs, one must understand the basis and the core philosophy at which the company is rooted.

Each company begins its operations with a few statements out of which the Mission Statement is far more realistic and logical as it is achievable. The mission statement is a statement of purpose and philosophy behind the existence of the company.

Moreover, strategies are made in order to achieve the designed company objectives. Normally we see technological companies based upon the Red Ocean Strategy, which is to capture what competitors are doing and perform it better than them.

Apple Computers actually work on the Blue Ocean Strategy.

The Blue Ocean Strategy of Apple iPhone

The Blue Ocean Strategy actually refers to the fact when an organization actually considers the competition as well as the market as ‘irrelevant’. This is when the company takes up a unique technology as its interface and develops a market of its own.

This Blue Ocean strategy is a huge reason why iPhone enjoys more than fifty percent of the world’s market share and Nokia, Siemens, Sony Eriksson, LG and Motorola combined are unable to decrease iPhone’s market share.

The Blue Ocean strategy has worked wonders as no matter how great your application is, it first has to be checked by people at Apple then they would convert it into the compatible format of the iPhone and upload it to the Apple Store. No application can be run on the iPhone without following this procedure. And this way, all iPhone users globally stay connected to one single hub, the Apple Store.

The Blue Ocean Strategy has done wonders for iPhone and Apple as a whole. Courtesy the mindset at which Steve Jobs operates the company, Apple promises to go a long way and would continue to fly high, no matter what (And I really mean it!!!).

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Apple Scores with Digital Textbooks and App

Apple has again amazed the world with the launch of interactive e-books for the iPad. iBooks 2 is proofed to be a gift to those students who had get bored from their routine textbooks. It is the first multi-touch digital textbook that offers instant search, easy navigation and bookmarking, highlighting and interactive graphics. This app let the students to add numerous study cards, notes and by dragging their finger, they can highlight passages. This app is also enriched with interactive videos, animations and pictures.

Edward Baig, the USA today reviewer has described his experience of using the iBooks and has praised for the specific features added in the e-book. The updatability, portability and low price has made it the most demanding app. Now, students do not need to schlepp from class to class with the heavy load of textbooks. They can bring all the load of books with iPad.

According to the news report issued by Apple, iBooks 2 have hit the market hard and they have successfully made its place at the iPads of 600,000 users. Indeed it’s a huge success, that within 2 weeks of launch, iBooks 2 have gained enormous market. The success of this app however, depends on the school’s management and the teachers that how they will appreciate the use of iBooks 2 in their classes.

Apple is appreciating the Authors to make their textbook digitized. Thus they are offering the iBooks Author tools that encourage the authors to compile their textbooks, how-tos, cookbooks and other work digitally. They have provided the tools for developing the high tech textbooks, but, still it depends on the authors and publishers that they want to become the part of this or not. Apple is hoping that till the next coming year, lot of textbooks will be digitized for the students and they will be serving in better manner.

The only flaw of Apple is the price of iPads. Both the iPads are too much expensive. They cost approx $499, which every parent cannot afford for their children. On the other hand, the fact is that the textbooks for the schools are not less than 3 digits. And this software is only available at $14.99. Now, parents have to decide that they are ready to pay 3 digits expenses every time for the textbooks or want to acquire ipad for enjoying the iBooks 2 features.

Apple has also predicted the competition from already launched apps of e-books. They feel that the Barnes and Noble and will be soon responding to this launch.

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OS X Mountain Lion- A new step towards innovation

The newest development of Apple is going to be the availability of OS X Mountain Lion over the Mac. This service was lastly available over the iPads and world has already taken many benefits from this operating system. Now, Apple has taken plunge in introducing the same operating system over iPhones and iPods.

From the summers 2012; the current Mac users will be permitted to upgrade their current Mountain Lion from the store of Mac App. They will be able to take pleasure in exploring the shiny Messages, Notes, Reminders, Airplay mirroring, Share Sheets and Twitter integration.

With Mac’s OS X Mountain Lion; users will be able to send unlimited messages to the other users of Mac and iPhones, iPods and iPads. Nothing will remain unsaid now; they can maintain the privacy of their messages and can enjoy iChat. They will also be able to share photos, documents, videos and other things with their iCompany.

They can set glossy reminders and make sure; that nothing would slip from their minds. They can jot down notes with photos and attachments. These set notes can be modified and can be shared with other friends. At the arrival of new emails, messages or friend request; the notification centre will pop up a small window. This will be the time to check what’s important going on.

New Tweet Sheet that is the most alarming feature of OS X Mountain Lion will allow the users to add Tweets links and photos from iPhotos, Safari or Phooto Booth. Users will not be needing to log of from the twitter even if they are using any other app.

Users can sign in with their friends in the Game Centers. They can enjoy games with the multiple players and can update their scores from the Apple account. They can also use the AirPlay Mirroring for sharing channels of Apple TV, web pages and videos. Mac’s GateKeeper is there to ensure that the iPhone, Ipad and iPods are saving from the suspicious downloading and uploading. It alarms the users and make sure that no one is playing with their security.

All these features can be availed with the newest innovation of OS X Mountain Lion.

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Google and Apple Go Head to Head Again With 3D Maps

Apple have longed to be free of Google’s era-defining Maps product on their iPhone devices (it’s been used to power apps that have helped to bolster iPhone’s success like Foursquare, the GPS service and recently Siri.) Apple’s plans to produce a maps product of their own have been well known for a while now, giving Google ample time to announce a product upgrade of their own. For example, Apple chose to exclude Google Maps data from the iPhoto for iPad app released early this year.

Google Maps Announce Maps in 3D

The worldwide developer’s conference was the stage for the announcement of the new-look Google maps. The search giant has already added 3D parallax shading on many of its map services. It doesn’t appear to be full 3D as yet, and some wonder if Google’s announcement has jumped the gun a little. The new Google maps may not tempt anyone way from iPhone 4 deals.

Apple’s Spy Plane Technology

Somewhat unnervingly, Apple is said to be using intelligence technologies to create the images used in its mapping product. It’s said that the images will be able to show objects as tiny as 4 inches. The 3D maps are expected to be added to mobile devices running on IOS 6. Apple also recently acquired European mapping firm C3 Technologies in order to push their project forward. Back in 2009, Apple begun the development process by adding the mapping company PlaceBase to its portfolio.

Some however, aren’t convinced. Are 3D maps an enhancement of your traveling and browsing experience or merely a superficial add-on? It remains to be seen what the knock-on effect of 3D mapping will be, whether it will be hailed as a brave new step forwards or a piece of hype that provided little in way of extra usability or satisfaction from the apps. Full details are expected to be announced at the Developer conference later on today.

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PerfectMenu, an ideal site for restaurant owners who are facing difficulties to manage online menus. is a site that helps the people who dine out to get the online menus and to maintain them. Few months ago, an Israeli named Aviv Hadar gave the concept for PerfectMenu. He introduced this concept after he came to know about the difficulties that restaurant and caf owners are facing. These owners did not have a proper a way of managing the online menus.Aviv Hadar found out that most owners ended up by posting the menus on their website in PDF form. Menus in PDF form are difficult to read. This proves to be a terrible experience for users as not only it’s difficult to read but it is also difficult to maintain menus through this way. The situation demands the creation of new PDF menus that might have to be uploaded every single day.

The product introduced by Aviv Hadar is very simple to use. It can be used easily by the owners or employees to upload the menus.

Menus can be set up in minutes. Updating the menus is also very easy and takes little time. Menus can feature the logo of restaurant or cafe to which it belongs. It also shows links to the social networking website like Twitter or Facebook. Telephone number and map of the eatery can also be viewed through menu. The menus are designed in a way to support several locations.

With all those features a professional menu is generated that can be easily viewed on web or mobile phones. After posting the menu online it is either embedded in it or linked to the official site of eateries. This part requires a little bit of technical work but once it is done, managing the menus becomes easy.

Next time when you are planning to dine out, visit the website to look for the menu.

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Will Google buy the Instant Street View Search App

Some time ago I got the chance to talk with one of the directors of Google search. According to him, autocomplete and instant search were the two best features that resulted in the progress of this company. Through this feature you only have to type few words rather than typing out the whole thing which required more time and thought, before clicking search option.Now, after writing few words Google search will try to predict the topic that you are searching. Google Maps does not have this feature. It will be interesting to see Google Maps with this feature. At present, on Geo developers Blog the team of Google has brought into consideration a service that has built this feature.

QSView is the team that has built this but I never heard of this team before.

It is named as Instant Google Street View. When you type a location, a window appears that shows the results. The results will keep on changing as you carry on typing. When you see the location that you are looking for in the window, you can select it from there and there will be no need of clicking the search option after that.

It will be interesting here to see that whether this will become the part of Street View officially or not. You Tube has already hired it as a side project.

Autocomplete Service of Google is used by the Instant Street View to find the location that you are searching for. Once you have found out the place that you were looking for, you can either get a fast look at the map or you can share it with your friends and families through social networking website.

The process is very fast and takes few minutes. You should try this out. Share the images from Instant Street View. You can also bookmark the place.

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Google expanded its Magazine section to UK’s Google Play Store. Europe might be the next one

Earlier this month Google announced that they are now launching their Magazines section of Google Play apps in U.K. Some users of Android in U.K started noticing the section before the official launch but the official launch of the magazine was on 13th December 2012. Now everyone can access this magazine section.
After the launch, the magazine section will show more than 100 UK titles which includes Traveller, Conde Nast’sVogue and Hello. This will be a great fun for all those people who like to read about their favorite celebs and royals. The tech titles which include the Official Xbox Magazine, PC Gamer and Crochet Today are dominating the top sellers.The launch of magazine section in other European countries is uncertain. In Germany and France, the Magazine tab is available on the Google Play store localized version. But this section doen not have any local content. We are trying to ask Google about this.

The Google is also offering other services on Google Play which includes movie and book purchases. It was first launched in U.S in the month of June. In the month of October, a web reader for Magazines was launched in U.S. In November, Music was introduced on Google Play in U.K and other countries in the Europe.

With the launch of this magazine section, more content will be available for Android users especially for those users who use tablets to read long form of contents.

Google is also facing the challenge to maintain its Android device as a desirable purchase. The competitors of Google are Amazon, Apple, iPad and kindle Fire. In the previous year, Android tablets managed to take over some market shares from iPad. This season is difficult for Google as Kindle Fire has launched its Windows 8 tablets which are cheaper than Android tablets. Apple is also launching its new iPad models.

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In Q2 of 2012, Apple managed to grab 84 percent of Mobile PC shipments. Tablet markets will remain strong in the year 2013

NPD DisplaySearch has released a report which says that Apple accounted for 84% of the mobile PC shipments in the second quarter of 2012. This became possible due to the success of Apple’s iPad. LG is leading the mobile PC shipments in the year 2012.
According to OEM, the Apple’s success in the market of mobile PC shipments is due to the rise in production of iPad 2 and iPad 3.the new iPad or iPad 3 was launched in the first quarter of 2012 after which its productions had to be increased due to increase in demand.The iPad 2 productions also boost up due to increase in its demand following the reduction in its price. It seems that recently iPad 2 is very popular among consumers as it contributed a major portion to the sales of iPad in the year 2012. But this is not certain because the company does not reveal its sales of individual device models while reporting their quarterly sales.

According to NPD, in the year 2013 the competitors of Apple will look forward to build stronger relationships with ultra slim PCs and touch notebooks. Jeff Lin, an analyst at DisplaySearch said that Samsung will try to decrease the Apple’s display manufacturing shares. They will add other customers like Noble, Barnes and Amazon in order to diversify their efforts.

NPD has predicted after the end of 2012, the growth of notebook PCs will be about 2% and there will be a fall of 28% in the category of mini-notebook year over year. It is expected that the growth of tablet will rise to about 75%. NPD has also predicted that in the year 2013, there will be a rise by 16% in the notebook PC shipments. It seems that Apple will play a key role in this growth but it will be interesting to see that whether other OEMs will have any effect on shipment volume.

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Report: iOS 7 May Hit iPhones and iPods Before it Comes to iPads

iOS 7

Apple is supposedly having an event on September 10, and one of the rumored announcements for this hypothetical event is the final version of iOS 7. While support is planned for the iPhones 4, 4S, and 5; the fifth-generation iPod touch; and the iPad 2, iPad mini, and both Retina iPads, a report from 9to5Mac says that the tablet builds are running behind the phone builds and may be delayed slightly. Citing “chatter within Apple” and a feeling among developers that the iPad builds are relatively “unstable and unreliable,” the report says that Apple may opt to upgrade its tablets in a 7.0.1 release that trails the iPhone’s upgrade by a few weeks. The beta builds of iOS 7 also came to the iPhones first-the public beta introduced after WWDC supported iPhones and iPods, but it wasn’t until Beta 2 was issued two weeks later that the software could be installed on iPads.

Read the full story at Ars Technica.