Intel Rumored to Make 10 Percent of Apple A7 Chips While Samsung Gets Cut By Half


Yesterday, we found out that both Hon Hai and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) were hiring 5,000 new employees; a move that could mean the tech industry is on its way back up. Today, DigiTimes is reporting that TSMC is in direct competition with the biggest chipmaker in the world for Apple’s affection for manufacturing the A7 processor.

Samsung and Apple’s relationship has been rumored to be on the rocks for some time now. It is no wonder considering how many times the two have gone to court over patent infringement suits. TSMC has also been rumored to be the go-to company to pick up the pieces of Apple’s broken heart. However, that still hasn’t come to fruition.

Today’s report from DigiTimes claims that “institutional investors” have information showing that, not only will TSMC be making chips for apple in the future, but so will Intel.

“TSMC has been said to become the second largest supplier for Apple’s A7 processors and production is reportedly to begin in 2014. But recent rumors have spread that Intel may also receive Apple’s orders.”

The report claims that Samsung will retain 50 percent of chip manufacturing for Apple, while TSMC will make 40 percent and Intel will make 10 percent of the A7 processor chips.

Recently, rumors have been heating up that Intel and Apple have come to an agreement on chip making. DigiTimes’ report seems to back this information. The A7 chip is scheduled to begin production in 2014.

[Via: AppleInsider]