Giant Articulated Roboclock

A clock is just a clock, or is it? Actually, the answer would be no, as there are many different kinds of clocks out there that has certainly taken a different route from what we are so used to. With the $149.99 Giant Articulated Roboclock, things are a little bit different, where it is equipped with its very own set of articulated limbs and to add that bit of menacing look, glowing eyes!

The eyes of the Giant Articulated Roboclock will light up each time the alarm goes off, and for those of us who grew up in the 1980s and saw them small battery-powered robots that moved around on a round pedestal, with light up eyes and chest, not to mention swinging arms, the Giant Articulated Roboclock certainly shares some DNA with that toy from a relic of a long forgotten era, although not much. The “giant” bit in its name is well justified – he stands at 20″ tall and measures a whopping 28″ wide. The Giant Articulated Roboclock is powered by a D battery, which should last you for quite some time before it requires a replacement.