JJ Abrams and Gabe Newell hint at collaboration in the future

Gabe Newell and JJ Abrams

It’s usually pretty big news when Gabe Newell announces a new game, or When JJ Abrams announces a new television show or movie. The anticipation alone for the release of whatever was announced by either of these two is typically enough to power a building. Hearing — from their own mouths — that JJ and Gaben might be working together on a future project is almost more excitement than a geek could handle.

At the DICE summit, Gabe Newell and JJ Abrams took to the stage to offer a brief keynote on storytelling in games and movies. Since the act of telling a story in a movie or television show is a little different than in a video game, you can imagine that JJ and Gabe have very different opinions on how a story should be told.

Gabe Newell thinks that the person watching the movie wants to interact with the world they are in, while JJ Abrams feels that most people don’t really know what to do in an environment like that. Is it better to be the guy sitting on your couch shouting about how you would have done it differently, or the guy who gets bored half way through some important dialogue and decides to carve his initials in the wall with bullets?

Maybe it’s a little of both, and maybe that’s why Newell and Abrams teased that they plan to try and work on something together in the future.

It’s far from a solid commitment to make anything at all, but just knowing that these two heavyweights were involved would likely be enough to have people line up around the block for it. Whether it is JJ stepping into the Valve offices and working with Gabe and his crew on a game, or having an extra chair on the set of Abrams’ next smash hit that says Newell on the back, the idea of them working together is something that excites both of them. Whatever it is, we’re probably going to have to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness frame by frame to figure it out.