The Bradley Watch lets you feel the time

There are many things that we take for granted in this world. For instance, when we want to know the time, it takes little more than a casual glance as your phone, wrist, or a nearby clock. But what about those people who have lost the ability to see? Sure, there are watches that will announce the time, but what if they don’t want to disturb others around them while they find out the time? Well, now there is a watch that’s been designed with these things in mind.

The Bradley is a new watch that takes traditional elements, and utilizes them in a way that can be read simply by touch. First, you have a regular watch face with raised bars at each hour. Inside of those is a single ball moving around a circular track. By feeling it, and the nearby bars, you can tell the minute. Another ball moves around the edge of the watch, and can be used to find the hour.

Each of the two balls is held in place by a magnet, which means that even if you manage to bump or move the bearings, they will snap back into their proper place. The face is constructed from titanium, while the straps are a combination of cotton fabric and leather. If you’ve been looking for a watch that can be used without looking at it, or are just in the market for something unique, then you can pre-order one by backing the Kickstarter fund (which has already surpassed its goal several times over) with $128.

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