Concept Pose Mobile Phone .

This concept is more like a utopia than a real truth. But it deserves attention and it can be seen as a vision for the future. This is a concept created after Apple revealed the first ipod shuffle (usb-stick). Utilizing light reflective display (which already invented by a company called Immersion), instead of following the same large screen display design, this mobile phone concept boasts flip/clamshell form. The swivel screen enables you to rotate the display at 180-degree or transform it to become a vertical e-book reader or horizontal music player. Pose Mobile Phone concept has been designed with ability to use 2 different SIM cards, which should be pretty handy if you don’t like carrying 2 mobile phones around.

Future technology pose-mobile-phone-concept

Concept of device uses complete surface as the display, pretty contrast to read the e-books. Also, almost all surface is sensorial that means you can use and even reprogram all of it’s sides or corners to act as you wish. Example: make the right side to act as the scroll wheel or the wacom’ touch strip. Moreover it could be some kind of “sensorial profiles” for applications.
Designer : Serguey Markov

Future technology pose-mobile-phone-concept

Future technology pose-mobile-phone-concept

Future technology pose-mobile-phone-concept

Future technology pose-mobile-phone-concept

Future technology pose-mobile-phone-concept

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Concept Nokia Lumia 1001

Recently, it was possible to get to know concept 1001 Nokia Lumia Pureview, which was created by a talented designer Edgar Mkrtchyan. Today it is time to get acquainted with another concept. This Nokia Lumia 1001, author Jonas Daenert. He also created the concept of the tablet Amazon Kindle Fire 2. This is a fantastic design and the choice of color, that brown-gray is interesting. IF you look closely you’ll see that the top part is a bit sloped downwards, which is also a nice touch.
Lumia 1001 gets a 4.5-inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. Three capacitive buttons located directly below the screen. Slot for the SIM and microSD cards, a standard headphone jack, front camera, support for networks of the fourth generation 4G LTE, four-core Snapdragon S4, 32 GB of internal and 1 GB of RAM, and a 12-megapixel camera PureView.

Future technology Concept Nokia Lumia 1001

Designer Jonas Daenert

Future technology Concept Nokia Lumia 1001

Future technology Concept Nokia Lumia 1001

Future technology Concept Nokia Lumia 1001

Future technology Concept Nokia Lumia 1001

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Rubbee Electric Drive For Bicycles Can Be Fitted In Seconds (video)

A new electric engine has been created called Rubbee which has been designed to transform any road bike into an electric powered bike in a matter of seconds.

The Rubbee has been designed in the UK and the revolutionary electric drive which can be mounted on any bicycle in just a few seconds. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Rubbee project and see it in action.


Legitmix finds Legal Loophole for Remix Sales

Legitmix, a Brooklyn-based company, thinks it’s found a legal way for remix artists to sell their wares. The company spent a million dollars building and developing an algorithm that has allowed it to create an online store where remix artists can sell their remixes and retain 70% of the total sale.

The algorithm works by not allowing people to download remixes of songs they don’t already own. If you try to download a remix for a song that isn’t on your hard drive, it’ll redirect you to iTunes to buy the song in question. Most songs cost $2.29 and another dollar for the remix.


Chrome OS Beta Update

Did you know there was a Chrome OS? I didn’t, but apparently some anti-establishment people out there are choosing to forgo Windows, Mac and Linux-based operating systems in favor of Chrome OS. The operating system is currently in beta and has recently received a major update.

All you Chrome OS users out there – yes, both of you – will now get to enjoy new features like the new “immersive” full screen mode, UI scaling, and wallpaper sync. There’s also a smarter app launcher in the new update. All you Google lovers looking for the full update list will need to follow the source link to find it.

Chrome OS

Are Electronics taking Yoga?

No, they’re not, but electronics are starting to become quite stretchy. Researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered that nanoparticles and elastic components can be combined to make conductors that stretch.

This means bendable displays, batteries, medical implants that move with the body instead of pressing up against it, and much more. This could actually lead to the creation of paper thin displays and multimedia magazines and newspapers you can hold in your hands!

Of course, we’re still a long ways from that.

elastic electronics

MelaFind in the Developmental Stages

Melanoma, for those who may not know, is a form of skin cancer that is often discovered via cancers moles and skin legions that look like nothing out of the ordinary to the untrained eye. More than nine thousand Americans die each year to skin cancer; many because they didn’t know they had skin cancer until it was too late.

MelaFind is a device created by Mela Sciences to help dermatologists decide whether a mole is cancerous or not. Cancerous moles, if caught in time, can be biopsied before the patient ever actually develops skin cancer.

Sounds like a life saving device right? Well there’s a bit more to it.


Smart Streetlights

Have you ever left the lights on in your house for days at a time and then gotten a ridiculously crazy electric bill the next month? Can you imagine how much cities have to pay to keep all the street lights on and maintained every day? The cost is astronomical, but it could be diminished quite a bit due to Dutch designer Christian Shuh’s new streetlight design called Tvilight.

Christian Shuh’s new streetlights are designed to light up only it senses people around through its wireless sensors. When people aren’t around, the streetlight dims, using the least amount of power possible while still lighting the street enough for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians to see where they’re going. The system is designed to recognize the difference between people and animals, so it won’t cut on unnecessarily.


Pandamimi ULAK(TM) Smart Cover Green+Dard Green+Orange PU Leather Wallet Type Magnet Design Flip Cute Case for With Apple iPad Mini 7.9 Inch (with Auto Wake/Sleep Smart Cover Function)With Stylus and Screen Protector Reviews

Pandamimi ULAK(TM) Smart Cover Green+Dard Green+Orange PU Leather Wallet Type Magnet Design Flip Cute Case for With Apple iPad Mini 7.9 Inch (with Auto Wake/Sleep Smart Cover Function)With Stylus and Screen Protector

  • Patent Synthetic leather Case for Apple iPad Mini
  • Against unwanted bumps, accidental drops, scratches, bruises or stains
  • Made of high quality Colorful PU leather+Magnetic clip design
  • Includes slots to store your credit cards / business cards
  • Built-in Auto Wake/Sleep Smart Cover Function

ULAK(TM) is US brand producing a full line of accessories for all Apple products, Samsung phones and tablets.Amazon Kindle and Google tablets accessories. We are dedicated to creating products that provide our Amazon customers satisfaction beyond expectations. Whatever profession, passion, or interests they pursue: Our customers deserve the best quality “carrying solution” that provides maximum protection. Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration. And The Bundle acce

Mycestro Finger Mouse Reinvents The 3D Mouse (video)

If you are in the market for a new computer mouse or just a little bored with the desktop versions you’ve been using over the past years, you might be interested in a new Mycestro finger mouse concept which is launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website.

The Mycestro finger mouse has been designed to be worn on your index finger, and is a 3D mouse that provides the ability to track and motions within a three dimensional space. Making the Mycestro finger mouse great for presentations and easier navigation welcome desk space for a traditional mouse might not be available.

Mycestro Finger Mouse