How to deal with disappointing exam results

In an increasingly competitive world, it does not matter if you had taken a bar exam, CPA exam, or even a college exam, disappointing exam results may seem as if they are the end of the world. Coping with worse grades than expected is not easy, but there are ways to make the process pass by as quickly as possible. As difficult as it may seem to believe in the heat of the moment, it is important that you realize that not meeting your exam result expectation is far from the end of the world. By no means do poor exam results equate to being a failure. For instance, I have heard that between 10% and 17% of participants taking all four CPA exams actually pass on the first try.

  1. The first goal you should look towards is acceptance. Many of those who have worked rigorously before their exams go into a stage of denial when they see their exam results. While this process of denial is natural, one should attempt to recover from it as quickly as possible. Only once you have accepted your results can you work towards feeling better about them.
  2. It often helps talking to somebody who is not involved with the situation. While talking to a classmate at a sensitive time such as when grades are published might ignite more harm than good, a teacher, counselor or a friend outside of school may offer a hug and some good advice. It might also help talking to people who are making the situation more difficult than it already is. This may include parents or friends who you fear might be as disappointed as you are with your result.
  3. Poor exam results often provide a great platform for finding one’s self. If you seem to be doing poorly in a certain discipline, you might finally realize that you are best off exploring options you are more comfortable with, and that you possibly enjoy more. One cannot excel at anything, and poor exam results can help give people some much needed direction.

Once you begin thinking less pessimistically about the situation at hand, you can begin diversifying your options to meet your current situation. If you are applying to colleges, you might want to prepare a more realistic list of options, rather than sticking to what you had planned before your grades arrived.

You can also consider retaking your examinations if the concerned education board allows for that option. You should remember that in times of immense stress such as those experienced after receiving disappointing exam results, a change of scenery can work wonders in helping you calm down. Take a break from your daily routine and spend some time having fun outdoors. Once you get some breathing space, your mind is bound to work much better to draw a plan of action on how to make up your academic life. Most importantly, you should learn to express your emotions in a positive way, and avoid using drugs to relieve the stress.

Before you consider retaking your exam, remember these two important tips.

  1. It is very important to outline your scope of work before you take your exam because your brain will begin to piece together the answers for you. Have you ever forgot something you tried very hard to remember and about 15 minutes later it hits you? That is because your brain is still processing this information for you.
  2. Know your upcoming exam’s timetable so you are not left having to rush through the remaining answers with out giving them much thought. It has always been much easier and of course much safer to study before your exam. Try grabbing a book in reference to the subject you received the lowest score in and try to spend at least 1 week reading about this subject if time permits you to do so.

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