Switcher to Mac tells what’s wrong with Windows

“Apple will host its fiscal first quarter analyst call on Wed. and the company’s naysayers will hear if the quarter’s iPhone 5 sales were sufficient for the grossly overinflated expectations. However, I expect that Mac sales will likely hit yet another new mark driven by switchers to the platform,” David Morgenstern reports for ZDNet. “The company often tells analysts that, yet again, sales of Macs in the Apple Stores have been to customers new to the Mac. And certainly, that trend will continue, particularly with the new stores in China.”

MacDailyNews Note: With iMac supplies severely constrained/nonexistent during much of the quarter, it would be difficlut for Apple to set a new record for quarterly Mac sales.

“Of course, Redmond keeps helping Apple out with its chaotic strategies. The installed base aren’t buying the Windows refresh pitch this time,” Morgenstern reports. “I am a witness to this switch. My neighbor just bought an iMac from our local Apple Store. He’s loving it and signing up for classes. He said the machine was the most beautiful piece of technology he’s ever owned. You could hear the pleasure in his voice.”

Morgenstern reports, “Now this guy has never owned a Mac. Ever. I carpooled with him when I worked at MacWEEK in the 1990s and he was immune from the slightest hint of Mac inoculation. He was a proud PC DOS user and graduated to various flavors of Windows. He told me many times that he would ‘never, ever buy a Mac.’ But now, a new iMac sits on his desk. I asked him what had happened? Why not buy a new Windows machine? He said simply that ‘back in those days Windows worked. It’s stopped working.’”

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows never worked, Morgenstern’s neighbor was just deluding himself, but, hey, welcome to the Mac! Congrats!