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It can be a blessing, but also a curse to have an iphone. It is not merely a phone, but with all of the apps available, it can be basically anything. Keep reading to find out how to more efficiently use the amazing iphone functions and options available to you.

If you’re having trouble seeing the characters on your keyboard, you can have a bigger one. You don’t have to go out and buy a bigger keyboard, either. Simply turn your phone sideways, get to the Safari address bar, and there you go. You will have an easier to see, larger keyboard so you can type more efficiently.

When using Safari, you can make a phone call with a single tap. Let’s say you want to find a dry cleaner. When locating the number, you don’t have to use the phone component to call them. Just tap on the number and you will be instantly connected to the business you want to contact.

Screen Protector

To ensure the safety of your device, buy a screen protector. Without a screen protector, you will scratch the face of your phone over time. Even a tiny bit of dirt on the fingertip or keys in your pocket will scratch the screen. Be certain to always keep a protector on the screen of your iphone.

Any website you visit can be made into an app. Navigate to the site in question. Once you are on the website, just hit the “Go” button. Then, you will have the option of adding the site to the home screen. Once it appears on the home page, give it a personalized name.

Make messaging faster if you use this trick. Should the suggested dictionary word not be desirable when texting, just tap on the screen and clear it. You don’t need to hit the “x” provided by the word.

Incoming messages are previewed on the iphone lock screen by default. To you, this may either be handy or a hindrance. If you are among those who find it bothersome, you can disable it. Simply go to the Notifications section of your settings menu and choose messages. The facility you wish to disable is known as “Show Preview”.

Try not to talk to your Siri function as often as you do if you are a very private type of person. Apple makes note of these recordings and puts them on their internal server. Although this assists with improving speech recognition and Apple maintains that there is file security, be aware that your conversations with Siri may be recorded.

Like many other smartphones, iphone can provide visual information of incoming calls or messages. If you want silent notifications, you can configure your iPhone’s camera to flash and blink when a call or message comes in. All you have to do is navigate to Settings, then General, then Accessibility. Choose the feature “LED flash” for alerts.

The Safari browser on your iphone is capable of almost everything your standard, full-size computer browser is capable of–including saving images you find online. If you run into a picture you want to save while you’re browsing, just tap and hold it. The context menu pops up, and you can save the picture to the Camera Roll on your phone. You can also email the image.

Always remember to update your OS anytime a new version comes out. Since it is a small computer, the iphone is complex. This means that adjustments and fixes are needed on occasion. This updating is critical if any personal information is own or accessed online using your phone.

You probably already know it is possible to set reminders that are time-based on your phone. You may not realize that it can also remind you of things based on location. Your iphone could remind you to go grocery shopping on your way home from work. There are lots of different reminders that can be implemented on the iphone.

Here’s a handy little hint when you’re on your iphone and you’ve reached the bottom of a long web page. Luckily, you do have other options. All you have to do is tap on the clock at the top and you will be automatically brought back up to the top. This can be used for other lengthy screens as well.

When typing with your iphone, setting up word shortcuts can make things much more efficient. Add a shortcut by going to Settings, then General, Keyboard and add a shortcut. You can add shortcuts to common words and phrases you type by inputting abbreviations or acronyms. If you type in these shortcuts, the phrases and words will be input automatically.

You can take a screenshot anytime with your iphone. Just press the home and power buttons all at once. Be sure to only press them both briefly. This takes a picture of your iPhone’s display and sends it automatically to your phone’s Images app.

The iphone is a treasure trove of useful apps and features. One such feature is the comprehensive dictionary. You can use this reference tool from virtually any app. Just tap onto any word and hold it. Once you do this, tap “Define” on the options that pop up.

If you currently use an iphone, you know a lot of the features and possibilities. But, if you have become overwhelmed by the options, you may fail to get the most use out of your device. Use the tricks you’ve learned here to use your iphone more fully and efficiently.

Simple Tips To Using Your Iphone And Making Life Easier

Your iphone is not an ordinary phone, but you already know that. Knowing you want the most that technology has to offer is probably what drove you to purchase the iphone in the first place. Are you aware of the many secrets that your iphone holds? This advice will allow you to really enjoy your iphone.

To dry a soaked phone, use rice. It is fairly common to drop an iphone and get it wet. Rather than trying to dry out your device with a blow dryer, wipe the outside with an absorbent cloth, and place the phone into a bowl or bag filled with dry rice. When you wake up in the morning, it ought to be dried out.

You may want to opt for a larger keyboard to make surfing the Internet easier. You can get this added value without purchasing an expensive accessory! Move your iphone horizontally, which will increase the size of your keys. You’ll see you have a much larger keyboard for you to use that is much more effective when it comes to typing.

You can make a phone call with one tap while using Safari. For example, you may want to find a local dry cleaner. You don’t have to shut down your browser when you locate the contact info that you need. Simply tap the phone number once and you will automatically be connected.

Are you tired of all the constant notifications you receive on our iphone? If so, you have the option to disable these notifications. Go to settings, then select notifications. Review the applications listed below the heading “Notification Center.” Take away anything you do not want to be there. This will not only cut down on the amount of notifications you receive, but will help your battery to last much longer.

Make an application from any site you visit regularly. First, navigate to the site. Tap “Go” once you access the site. When you do this, you’ll be asked if you want to add the site on your home page. Once the shortcut is there, you can name it whatever you want.

To dismiss a word that AutoCorrect suggests, you don’t have to tap the “X” that follows the word. Just tap the screen anywhere instead. The box will instantly close.

You can download an app to allow your iphone to upload files and save them as a storage option. Whether you want to carry videos, music, photos or documents, you can easily put them on your phone. All you will need to do is plug your phone into a computer to access the files, or you can open them on your phone.

One thing you can do with your new iphone is to make the most of the multimedia capabilities. You can use the iphone to view your favorite movie or television show.

Are you regretting something you just typed on iMessage? Has Auto Correct messed up your message’s meaning? If so, then all you have to do is shake the iphone. That undoes any recent typing. This optional feature needs to be enabled, so look at your Settings to ensure it is available.

Most iphone users are savvy with the camera app on their phones. After some heavy photography sessions, though, it can be tough to sort through all the snapshots in your Camera Roll. The iphone makes it easy to organize your photos and even easier to find them. This can make it a lot easier to location specific photos.

You can take a screenshot using your iphone. Once you have selected the screen you would like a screenshot of, push down on your “home” button and make sure to click the “sleep” button the same time. Once the screen turns white, you will know the screenshot is saved on your phone.

If you’re an iphone owner, it’s important that you not get app crazy. There are many apps available for an iphone including free apps and those that charge money. But some are very shady and will actually take your information or send you hidden charges.

An iphone can give you what you need in your phone and more than that; you just have to know what it can do. Hopefully this article has armed you with all the information you need to become a quick-handed professional with your iphone and enable you to enjoy all that it has to offer. Enjoy your iphone!

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Jackpot City Casino app

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Platinum Play app

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Royal Vegas app

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Royal Vegas app

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If playing games on your iPhone does’t appeal to you, there is always online gaming, that can be played on just about any device so long as it is connected to the internet. Some of the best include, Jackpot City, Party casino, Gaming Club and Bet365.

Learn To Use Your Iphone With These Tips

It can be a blessing, but also a curse to have an iphone. A lot of people are put off by just how much it can do, as trying to figure it all out can be difficult to say the least. Keep reading to find out how to more efficiently use the amazing iphone functions and options available to you.

Your iphone is like a small GPS. There are different maps in the software that can direct you to your destination. This app is helpful to get to a new place, or just to get back home.

If the iphone is wet, dry it with rice. Phones are commonly dropped in water from puddles or toilets. A hair dryer can actually damage your phone further so to avoid this, fill a ziploc bag with dry rice and put your phone into it. By leaving it in here for a few hours or, more preferably, overnight, you should have a dry, working iphone.

Having a bigger keyboard will make iphone web browsing easier. The iphone has the capability to provide you with a larger keyboard. Rotate the iphone sideways, tap the address bar within Safari, and voila! The keyboard instantly becomes larger and far more easy to use.

After you learn how to take pictures using your volume buttons, try using the headphone cord to snap a shot. Steady your hands then press the button on the cord. The phone isn’t shaken when you do this and your photos will look good.

When used properly, the iphone is a useful navigational tool. The map feature will also perform GPS functions. Finding your way to a destination is easier, and so is finding new locations on the way. By simply bookmarking the map, access becomes much easier.

It is easy to create your own shortcuts and dictionary on an iphone. You dictation app will be able to know what you are saying when you use words or phrases specific to you. Other shortcuts can be programmed in for phrases you type often. When typing on your keyboard, these phrases will appear as suggestions.

Whether you’re a longtime iphone fan or a proud new owner, you probably know that the device is a multitasking powerhouse. But, if you have become overwhelmed by the options, you may fail to get the most use out of your device. Utilize the knowledge you’ve just learned so that you can completely maximize your iPhone’s use.

The Best Kept Secrets About The Iphone

Many people today own an iphone. It’s a very popular device, and one that can be tough to master. If you have an iphone that you haven’t quite mastered yet, keep reading. This article is filled with little tips and tricks you make you can expert at using your phone.

Larger Keyboard

Wouldn’t a larger keyboard make it easier to enter messages and surf the Internet on your iphone? It is not necessary to buy a larger keyboard. Simply turn the device to the side, push the address bar in the browser and you will be all set! This will give you access to a larger keyboard to help make your typing a breeze.

After you know how to take pictures using the volume buttons, try using the headphone cord. Most headphones contain a button you can press to take a photograph. Your iphone is unlikely to be shaking during your picture if you do it this way.

Keep in mind you don’t have to always need to press X each time AutoCorrect pops up to suggest a correction. To eliminate this alteration, tap anywhere else on the screen. This is the fastest way of closing the suggestion box.

Taking full advantage of your iPhone’s multimedia capabilities just makes good sense! You can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies or funny clips when you are on the go. You will never be bored again!

Use your iphone to take pictures. However, after you’re done take so many photos it can get pretty crazy trying to sort through them all on your phone. The iphone has a built-in album to help organize your pictures. The Album is a great way to keep your photos available for viewing.

After reading the information in this article, you now know more about the iphone than ever before. You’ve got to use that knowledge. Use what you have learned here, and you will see you’re a pro at using such a popular device as the iphone.

Letting The Iphone Technology Work For You

The iphone has many uses, which is why it has become so popular. It is used as an organizer, a phone and even for entertainment. There are a lot of personalization methods that will help the iphone better meet your needs. Try the tips here, all of which can help you take control of your device.

The iphone makes finding your way around a breeze. Mapping software comes with your iphone so that you can immediately start pinpointing locations without having to worry about adding an app. This application is handy for getting back home, or locatiing a new destination.

Rice helps to reduce the moisture on your iphone. Oftentimes, cell phones are dropped in puddles or even toilets. Do not use a hair dryer, but wipe the phone with a towel and then place it in a ziploc bag that is filled with rice. Leave it there overnight, and in almost every case, it will be fine in the morning.

Getting a larger keyboard makes web browsing simpler. The iphone has a bigger keyboard already built in. The iPhone’s own keyboard can be made bigger by rotating the phone sideways and tapping the Safari address bar. You have a larger, easier-to-use keyboard for faster and more efficient typing.

If you’re searching the web with your iphone, you don’t have to type out the “.com” of the web address. Just input the main address part, without “.com,” and you will be taken to the site. It might not seem like that much of a time-saver, but there is no reason to type it if you don’t have too.

Are you tired of notifications you receive? Here is a tip on how to turn them off. Go into the settings and choose notifications. Check out the applications in the heading “In Notification Center”; then remove whatever you do not need. As an added bonus, this should significantly improve your battery life.

There are many features available on an iphone including the ability to make up shortcuts and add dictionary entries. When using diction this automatically knows what you want to say. You can program your phone with your own short cut phrases. Auto-correction of mistyped words is another handy feature.

Have you ever been disappointed that you could not get your camera up in time to get a perfect shot? This shortcut will help you to save a lot of time and get all the pictures you desire. If you have locked the screen, tap twice on the Home button. A little camera icon should be seen close to the bottom on the screen. Tap this button to automatically enable your camera.

Just like with lots of other smartphones, the iphone can be set to give you visual indicators of when you receive calls and/or messages. For silent but important notifications, you can set the LED camera flash to blink when a call or message comes in. Access the settings menu, go to “general” and then “accessibility”. Then choose “LED Flash Alerts”.

Whenever you’re using your iphone, you can take a quick screenshot. Once you are on the screen that you would like to take a screenshot of, hold down the “home” button and click on the “sleep” button at the same time. The screen will turn a white color when your screenshot has been taken and saved. It’s that simple!

Sleep/wake Button

If your iphone freezes up and cannot be revived by pressing Sleep/Wake button, try doing a hard reset so you can get back in working order. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home key at the same time. The phone will shutdown and restart in order to signal everything went well.

There are many features that come with the iphone that you don’t have to add. It can do more things that you might not know about. Apply all of the tips that you have read so that you can use your iphone to the fullest potential and personalize it to do what you want.

Helpful Iphone Advice For The Informed Consumer

The iphone features rich programming and a detailed architecture. The interface is smooth, and the app system is extensive. However, there are many benefits to an iphone you may be missing out on. This article contains a number of tips to enhance your iphone user experience.

Use a little restraint when adding apps to your iphone. Because Apple approves apps before they are listed in iTunes, most apps out there, both free and paid, are really useful. However, beware of apps that are malicious which can steal your information or charge you without you knowing.

Easily get to websites faster and drop the repetitive www. Also, you should remove the “.com” from your searches too. When using Google, just type the page’s name, leaving out the rest of the address. this will let it bring up the site you need.

You can increase picture quality by using the volume on your headset to take the picture, instead of using the iphone button. By using this button, you can avoid shaking and moving the phone. You can also use different angles for your pictures.

AutoText shortcuts save a great deal of time when texting and emailing. Create shortcuts for the phrases that you use most frequently. This feature can handle cumbersome email address, along with common phrases like “Where are you?” or “On my way.” You can access this shortcut feature under your iPhone’s keyboard settings.

When using Safari, make calls with one tap. You might run across a number you want to call if you’re searching for, say, a restaurant online. When you find a number, you don’t have to go to the phone part of the iphone. Simply tap the number and the phone will automatically call it.

As far as programming is concerned, your iphone is very sophisticated. It is a device that is unlike any other. If you use the tips in this article, you will have your iphone optimized so it can be used to its fullest potential.

Use Your Iphone Like A Pro With These Handy Tips

Are you intimidated by the idea of owning an iphone? You may not be sure if you will ever figure it out. Don’t worry! This article offers many tips and techniques to master the iphone.

Select a ringtone that you love, this makes your iphone more personal. You don’t want to be just like the rest of the crowd who probably just use the standard ringtones. Upload a song or sound byte you enjoy. This easily grabs someone’s attention.

There is no need to tap the ‘X’ button to waive the iPhone’s suggestions. This makes it easier and more efficient to use your phone to send emails or texts. You can actually tap your finger anywhere within the screen to dismiss the box.

It is possible to create an application from any of your favorite websites. When you are on the site there are a couple of things you have to do. When you get there, tap the “Go” button. When you do this, you’ll be asked if you want to add the site on your home page. Finally, you have the option to change it’s name once you have added it to your phone.

Did you know that rice can be used to dry your iphone if it gets wet? At some point in time, your phone could get wet by accident. In lieu of a hair dryer, pat the phone dry with a soft towel, then place in a plastic bag along with rice. Let it sit overnight to dry out completely.

If an iphone freezes up, you can easily perform a rest to get everything back in working order. Press down and hold the Sleep/Wake button while simultaneously holding and pressing on Home. In a few seconds, the device will shut itself down and automatically restart itself.

There are times when you are busy and don’t want to be interrupted by notifications on your iphone. You will likely want to finish your task before addressing the notice. The notification can quickly be rid of. Just swipe the notification away when it appears on your screen.

Don’t waste time using suggested words when typing on an iphone. You can get out of the suggestion box by tapping away on your screen, allowing you to continue with your message. Doing so will save you having to hit the “x” at the conclusion of each word.

You can easily send photos to family and friends using your iphone. Two options are available to achieve this. First, you can achieve this by adding it to an email from your saved images, or you can upload it onto Facebook.

The iPhone’s Safari browser will let you do just about anything you could do on a full-sized computer, including pull images off of the Internet. You can save pictures on the Internet to your phone by tapping down for several seconds. The context menu pops up, and you can save the picture to the Camera Roll on your phone. These photo’s can even be copied and placed inside a message!

Hopefully, you feel more confident in the purchase of an iphone now. Start with these tips, or even go onto the App Store and make your first app purchase. You’ll soon find that it’s hard to put that iphone down!

Several Reasons Why Getting An Iphone Is In Your Best Interest

Many people have found that the iphone has revolutionized their daily living in a lot of different and totally unexpected ways. If you want to get all the amazement out of the iphone that it was designed for, you really need to be educated about it. Start below with some of these smart ideas and tips, and you’ll be one step closer to mastering your device.

When going to a site, scroll with two fingers and one finger. If the page has multiple text boxes, using one finger to scroll will let you scroll through a single box. If you use a pair of fingers, you can navigate the full page.

Using your iphone to its full potential and learning its tricks can help you rid your junk mail with a single finger swipe. Pull your fingertip across any message in your inbox to bring up the delete button, which allows you to instantly remove it.

It is possible to create an app from your commonly used sites. Begin by visiting a website in your iPhone’s browser. Once you have the website up, give the “GO” button a tap. One of the options you’ll be presented with is adding the website to your iPhone’s home screen. Once it connects to your home screen you have the option to change the name and personalize the app.

You can set your iphone to let you know when calls or messages are coming in. You can even set the phone to flash the camera’s flash to alert you silently when a call is incoming. Use the menu for Settings, then General, then Accessibility. Switch Flash for Alerts to the “ON” position.

Use this tip to send text messages more quickly. If you don’t like the dictionary’s suggestion for a word replacement, just tap the screen anyplace to get rid of it. You need not close it using the small “x”.

Novice iphone users often find themselves amazed at how much can be done with their devices. However, many new users don’t know all of the phone’s potential. If you make use of the advice in this article, you will be amazed at just how much you can do with your iphone.

Tips For Mastering Your Fantastic Iphone Faster

When you own an iphone, you want to make the most of it. There are some questions they may have. Which carrier is best? Which apps are necessary to download? Which one is the best? Read on for more information about iPhones.

You can screenshot anytime with your iphone. To take a screenshot, press down on the power and home buttons at the same time. (Do so quickly; if you do it for very long, it may have an unintended consequence.) This method will let you capture your screen, and it will put a copy in the Images app.

If you’re using all of the best shortcuts to move text around, you can really become an editing speed demon on your iphone. Many people are aware that you can push a word twice and it will be highlighted. Are you aware of the fact that you can also do this with paragraphs? Tapping four times will select the whole paragraph; this makes it a lot faster to cut and paste!

Are you accident prone? If so, then you should immediately put your iphone into a case. The iphone will break easily if dropped onto a hard surface. Although no case can guarantee to protect your phone, it is an extra line of defense in case you happen to drop your phone.

Using your iPhone’s browser to scroll through a webpage can be difficult. You might be scrolling down the main site instead. One of the things that you can do is to zoom on the page. Then scroll through the website.

When using your iphone as a music player, it is possible to shuffle the alignment of your screen icons. Just choose the option to add additional icons from the settings button. Doing this, you can add icons to make a shortcut to whatever apps you want to get to fast.

Current weather conditions are available to iphone users through the weather app. Some users do not know that the local weather can be be displayed for up to twelve hours in the future. You can also use Siri for the most up-to-date weather forecast.

If your iphone is dropped in water, never turn it back on immediately afterwards to find out if it still works. Dry off the exterior, then allow the moisture to dry overnight. If you attempt to turn on your wet phone, you could short circuit it.

Avoid direct sunlight. You can ruin your phone by leaving it exposed to the sun for long durations. The electronics of the phone are not designed to withstand extreme heat and can be damaged by the strong summer sun.

Rice helps to reduce the moisture on your iphone. Phones are commonly dropped in water from puddles or toilets. Instead of using a hair dryer, wipe your phone with a soft paper towel and then put it into a ziploc bag filled with rice. Once the rice has had several hours to absorb moisture (leaving your phone in the bag overnight is ideal), your phone should be dry again.

When the webpage you are reading is quite long, you do not have to scroll all the way back to the top to return. All you have to do is press the status bar – the grey bar at your screen’s top – and you’ll find yourself back at the page’s top.

Try snapping steadier shots using the headphone cord volume controls, once you know how to take shots with them. Most headphones contain a button you can press to take a photograph. Your iphone is unlikely to be shaking during your picture if you do it this way.

If you’re an iphone owner, it’s important that you not get app crazy. There are many apps available for an iphone including free apps and those that charge money. But some are very shady and will actually take your information or send you hidden charges.

Upgrade your operating system with the latest version. Because of the fact that iPhones are now almost equivalent to a laptop there are many things that can go wrong that need to be fixed. Updates also help protect any personal information stored on your phone.

Is there more than one background program running on the iphone that needs to be shut down? To do this, tap your home button. Touch and hold the icon of any background app that you want to close with your fingertip. After a moment, the icon will wiggle and a red “minus” will appear in the corner. Tap the minus sign to shut down the application.

If you are looking to add, multiply or subtract something really fast, take advantage of the calculator function in the utilities section of the iphone. You can turn your phone to access the scientific calculator option which is visible when the phone is horizontal.

You iphone can be used to send great photos to your family and friends. This may be done in two ways. The image can be either saved and added as an email attachment, or uploaded through the Facebook application.

You can access your iPod controls and favorites quickly. Go to the settings on your phone, then go to general, and finally go to the home button. Double clicking allows you to easily select options that you want to customize. By following these steps, the process is simplified.

After reading this article, you should now be familiar with the iphone and all that it has to offer. Use this information to get the most from your phone.