Electronic Arts ditches Online Pass finally.


At long last Electronic Arts has seen the light, they have listened to the scathing fans, they have reached some form of common sense in their corporate minds. The Online Pass a.k.a. Project Ten Dollar is finally being scrapped, no seriously, it’s over. The witch is dead. She can’t get you nor your little dog now.

After 3 ridiculous years of budget minded shoppers getting the shaft on buying used games, EA will no longer shove those stupid little codes inside each new copy of their blockbuster titles. Originally envisioned as ”an effort to package a full menu of online content and services,” otherwise none as “OP Jack the Consumer” the program morphed into a way to cut used games out of the system. Instead “many players didn’t respond to the format.” And rightly so. Some people can’t drop $60 bucks down for every title and either have to wait for a sale (in which a significant time passes and often rendered the Online Pass invalid) or buy used.

“We’ve listened to the feedback and decided to do away with it moving forward.” Say what? You guys listened? I guess being named “The Worst Company in America” will do that to you, just maybe. Although let’s be real here, there are far worse companies here than Electronic Arts. Of course now we have to sit back and wonder how they’re going to gouge us. $70 games? $30 map packs? It boggles the mind!

So what you geeks think? About time or too little too late?