Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy SIII Mini, Galaxy Note II added to the California Lawsuit by Apple.

In the legal proceedings that are going on in California Apple has included 6 new devices in its infringement allege against their rival Samsung. They made these changes in complain on Friday before the end of deadline that was given to them. The recent addition that they have done will cover almost all pieces of Samsung hardware that are available in market of U.S.
The new devices that were added in complain includes Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung Galaxy SIII (with Android Jelly Bean), Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi (with Ice Cream sandwich), Galaxy SIII Mini, Samsung Rugby Pro. These devices are available in the U.S via Amazon but they are not released officially in the market.

The Apple added these devices in the complaint after Samsung added 4th generation iPad, 5th generation iPod touch and iPad mini in their complaint. The trial of this case will take place in March 2014. It is a fact that by the time the decision comes, none of these devices would be on sale or will not make an important contribution to the company’s sale. Both the companies know this fact but the benefit that they will get is the claimed money which will help to recover their damages if they win the case.

Few months back, Apple was rewarded with $1.05 billion for the damages when they filed a case for compensation against a number of devices launched by Samsung. This time also Apple is hoping that they will win the case which will also help enhance their ruling impact in the market.

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