The War Z Game Returns To Steam After Correcting Issues

After being unceremoniously removed from Valve’s Steam online games store back in December only a few days after it arrived in the store. The controversial game The War Z has now made a return to the Steam online store and is now available to purchase once again.

The War Z game was originally removed from the Steam store after it was discovered by disgruntled customers, that The War Z game description did not meet with the actual product, and a number of features detailed in the games description on Steam were missing from the code of the game.

The War Z

Google Super Sync Sports Multiplayer Game Launched By Google (video)

Google has today announced the launch of a new Chrome experimental game called Google Super Sync Sports, which has been created with a number of side scrolling addictive sub games included.

Once the Google Super Sync Sports is loaded in your web browser users can then sync their mobile devices to control their in game characters rather than using the computers keyboard or mouse. Check out the video after the jump to see the new Google Super Sync Sports game in action.

Google Super Sync Sports

Wikipad Gaming Tablet Re-Launches With a 7 Inch Sceen

If you have been patiently waiting for the launch of the Wikipad gaming tablet which was supposed to launch in October last year, after partnering with GameStop.

You will be pleased to learn that the Wikipad is has now been re-launched, but this time with a 7 inch screen rather than the 10 inch screen of the original, and will be shipping for $250.


Cooler Master CM Storm Sirus S Headphones Announced

If your gaming headset is looking a little tired and worn out and you’re in the market for a new set of gaming cans, you might be interested to learn that Cooler Master has announced a new addition to their range of headsets with the launch of the new CM Storm Sirus S headphones.

The latest CM Storm Sirus S from Cooler Master are equipped with 5.1-channel support, four discrete speaker channel pairs for the front, rear, center, and sub.

Cooler Master CM Storm Sirus S