Is there a media conspiracy against Apple?

“I can barely keep track of the number of people who email asking if I think there’s a media conspiracy against Apple,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “Countless readers think Melissa Lee at CNBC, for instance, ‘hates Apple.’ Their words, not mine. I don’t know Melissa, but I can tell you with confidence: There’s no conspiracy against Apple at CNBC.”

“Let’s be honest — CNBC, like the rest of us, pounds the hot story. A majority of people consume their information and entertainment in spurts throughout the day. When a reader or viewer checks in, they expect to see the big stories,” Pendola writes. “Play the hits. And right now, it’s all Apple, all the time. And rightfully so. Simple as that.”

Pendola writes, “If it’s ‘guilty’ of anything, the media — CNBC and others — have a difficult time keeping an even keel.”

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