Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Jailbreak Your iPhone

Before you Jailbreak your iPhone, make sure you read these points on why it is a bad idea!

1. You’ll Destroy Your Warranty

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, Jailbreaking your iPhone voids your warranty, making your iPhone effectively worthless. A lot of people purchase an extended warranty when they get an iPhone, but Jailbreaking means that even this expensive extended warranty is worth absolutely nothing! Just think of all the things that can go wrong with an iPhone after a small fall or minor hardware problem. Jailbreaking means that Apple will no longer help you with your iPhone problems regardless of whether they are huge or minor problems. This is reason enough not to jailbreak your iPhone!

2. You’ll Potentially Murder Your iPhone

There are endless stories told by people who have Jailbroken their iPhone only to see it die in their hands! It’s quite funny when you think about a person saying, “I’m sick of paying people for making apps I like, I want them all for free”; then Jailbreaking their iPhone incorrectly; and ending up with a dead, worthless brick as a result! Even if you just want to customize your iPhone via Jailbreaking, is it truly worth the risk?

3. You’ll Allow Malware & Viruses Onto Your iPhone

You probably haven’t ever heard of malware ever being on an Apple device before, but with Jailbreaking comes the ability for your iPhone to be hacked into and all your personal data to be stolen! The funny thing is that there is not a single virus which can infect normal iPhones, but Jailbroken iPhones are extremely prone to malware, because, as the name suggest, Jailbreaking an iPhone effectively “opens it up” and allows stuff to “come in”. Many people think Jailbreaking is free, but this isn’t always true – it can come with the price of losing all your personal data!

4. You’ll Potentially Render Useless Your Favorite Apps

Your motivation for Jailbreaking might be so you can get apps for free, but did you know that at the same, there is a chance you might be rendering useless some of the favourite apps you actually paid for (when your iPhone wasn’t Jailbroken)? The truth is a lot of apps don’t run on Jailbroken iPhones! If you really like an app, you are willing to pay money for it, but Jailbreaking your iPhone has the potential to corrupt apps, so consider this before Jailbreaking your iPhone.

5. You’ll Have To Wait Ages For Updates

Everyone knows that Apple just released its latest operating system for iPhone & iPad, iOS 5. Non-Jailbroken iPhone users were laughing at Jailbroken iPhone users because they had to wait weeks before they had a working version – an even then, it had issues to do with tethering! When it comes to updating your Jailbroken iPhone, you may get so frustrated that you throw your iPhone against the wall in rage – then you start swearing when you remember your warranty is void and realise you now have a worthless brick for a phone!

6. You’ll Empty Your Wallet On Jailbreak Apps

After you have made the wrong decision and Jailbroken your iPhone, you will notice that there are a lot of cool Jailbreak customization apps which can make navigating and using your iPhone a more smooth experience. Then you notice the price tags. You could be spending $100 in customizing your already expensive iPhone, and sure, these may impress you for a while, but it won’t be long until you’re wondering why you paid so much for such trivial things!

7. You’ll Potentially Harm App Developers

Most adults and kids who Jailbreak there iPhone don’t do it for increased customization options – they do it so they can steal apps from hardworking developers! They don’t realise that they are ruining the App Store for everyone else because when you steal apps, you are reducing app developers’ profits (which generally are pretty measly anyway) and making them less likely to develop new awesome apps or update their current ones! People who Jailbreak their iPhone for free apps are nothing more than common thieves – there are plenty of free apps on the App Store so there is no need to try and get paid apps for free as well!

8. You’ll Notice Numerous Glitches

Since Jailbreaks are made by the community, you can’t expect a Jailbroken iPhone to run as smoothly as one running Apple’s iOS 5! In fact, Jailbroken iPhones are known to glitch up frequently and require a complete restart to be fixed – you may be able to put up with this once, but when it happens every few minutes, you’ll know Jailbreaking was a bad idea!

9. Your iPhone Will Run Out Of Battery Faster

Jailbreak apps are usually heavy on memory consumption, so be prepared for a reduced battery life on your Jailbroken iPhone.

10. You’ll Be Potentially Breaking The Law

Although the name “Jailbreaking” isn’t meant to imply that people who use this system hack will go to jail, Jailbreaking actually has the potential to land you in prison. Of course, this will only be the case if you complement your hacking experience with frequent piracy of paid apps, but going to jail is nevertheless a possibility! For example, if you use Jailbreaking as a way to get every app for free, even the expensive apps such as GPS apps, there is a possibility that you might lose your iPhone, someone picks it up, then hands it over the police. Damn.

Unjailbreak Your iPhone Today

This video will teach you how to remove the flawed Jailbreak system from your precious iPhone.