North Paw Directional Anklet Kit

If you have ever attended any motivational courses, surely you would have come across a session where you are told to find out just where your True North is, which could be a principle or ambition to keep you on track all the time, even when the situation around you starts to go all out of whack. Well, a compass also works just fine if looking for the magnetic north is your cup of tea, although it does go haywire in the presence of a magnet. Having said that, here is another fun way of discovering north in your life, via the rather ostentatious $159.99 North Paw Directional Anklet Kit.

Yes sir, the North Paw Directional Anklet Kit is an anklet that relies on a compass module to know North is, and will also boast of pager vibrators so that your brain will be informed at all times (or rather, at your beck and call) just where magnetic north is. If you hate soldering, then the North Paw Directional Anklet Kit is not for you, since it is part DIY, requiring you to piece it all together. The North Paw Directional Anklet Kit can be described as a mini science fair project condensed into a unique kit.