Completely redesigned app is launched by Sportsnet for iPad and iPhone, iTouch

Sportsnet is Canada’s multiplatform destination related to all things of sport, they have recently announced the launch of their latest digital innovation entitling as “Sportsnet Mobile app” for iPad, iTouch and iPhone. The app can be attained free of cost from iTunes App Store.
This new launch is following the launch of Blackberry 10 enhanced app. Sportsnet has kept the iOS users and sports fans in mind and thus they have come up with latest sports app. The app is having edge over others as it unites the functionality and speed in order to provide great access to the stats, up-to-second game scores and customizable alerts from the biggest leagues taking place all around the world.

The General manager and Vice president of Roger Digital Media, Mr. Pary Bell said that “Sportsnet Mobile app is having content for all sports fans which require on go information and entertainment at fingertips. With this new app, we have made it easy for the users to get access to all the information they are searching for. The new version for iOS is complementing the current Blackberry 10 app. This is also the next step in building the Sportsnet market leader in the state of the art digital platform. We are promised in bringing the best content for the devices of customer’s choice.

In the upcoming weeks, Sportsnet is planning to launch app for Android tablets and phones and they are further committed to bestow sports fans with premium content on the latest devices. Sportsnet is currently the only sport media company basing in Canada who has launched digital subscription video on demand service. In addition, Sportsnet world online forum provides the exclusive live and on demand streaming of the premium cricket, rugby and soccer league matches which are not available on any other online platform.

Key features of the Sportsnet Mobile app includes:

  1. MySN: Users of Sportsnet Mobile app can customize their app as par their needs. They can choose their specific players, teams and fantasy leagues for getting news
  2. Real time alerts: Sportsnet Mobile app provides up to the second coverage on selected games. it shows the instant notification of game moments like touchdown, quarter period end, goals, and much more.
  3. In depth coverage: For providing ease to the users, Sportsnet Mobile app bestow deepest news, bios, stats, team and player performance on instants basis.
  4. Horizontal mode: This feature permits the users to see more advance stats about players by simply turning the device sideway.

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EasilyDo has launched a new feature for creating automated task

Mikael Berner, the cofounder and CEO of EasilyDo has shared his views on the launch of this app last year as, “this app increases the productivity and make life simpler.” After one year, this company is taking another step to make life more simpler with the launch of EasilyDo Builder.
Initial version of EasilyDo Builder app prepares the list of the tasks to be done by synchronizing it from the iPhone contact lists, Facebook account and other emailing accounts, with couple of taps. To do list regarding to wish a friend on his anniversary or birthday and merging duplicate from the contacts in address book etc, can be done with the help of this app. Berner claimed that EasilyDo already managed to perform 750,000 plus actions for the users.EasilyDo Builder app will facilitate the users to customise their app for performing certain tasks automatically. Although, it will take time to fully explore the app, but Berner and Hetal Pandya (The co-founder) said that app is having pretty simple structure. Users just have to trigger and when trigger will occur, task will be done automatically. For instance, if user wants to post the birthday message on the Facebook timeline of his friend, the app will automatically do this.

Tasks allotted to the app can be done after taking approvals or it can be done automatically. The creation of the “Do Its” is done on the website of EasilyDo, but app works on iPhone.

EasilyDo incorporates the tasks in social context and thus some people are not happy with the automation. It would be so much bad, if some of my friend is using this app to wish me birthday without writing a single word himself. Thus Pandya and Berner said that this sort of things will be up to each individual user.

Berner also forecasted that EasilyDo will be following the model of Wikipedia, this means users will not need to create Do Its themselves. There will be a small group of the power users which will share their tasks with other users. By following the specific task creators, you can also add their set task in your DO Its list.

Pandya and Berner is also looking forward to expand the platform by allowing the developers to create their tasks by using the same model. For this purpose, they are planning to hold a hackathon in the Redwood City on 15 and 16 March.

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Quidsi, Inc., has recently made announcement about the launch of its iPad app today, it provides fast, simple and seamless shopping experience to the busy parents with an iPad-optimized on as well as their other Familyhood sites:,,,,,, and
Since the availability of app in April 2011 and November 2012, for iPhone and Android respectively, the customers of the companies are using highly rated app. Customer of had been quickly shifting their usage to mobile and tablet devices.

Ron Feldman , director of Quidsi’s mobile and tablet group said that “Our mission is to make shopping for baby essentials as easy as possible, and our customers have been telling us that shopping on a tablet is a key part of that,” In December 2012 40% of all trade came mostly from tablet devices and mobile. We are happy to help and simplify the life style of the parents by providing them the facility of iPad app.

The free app for iPad provides a unique shopping experience and wide assortment of products that found on the website and Android apps and on the iPhone which provides fast, free delivery on the order of more than $49.

Remarkable app features include:

  1. Consumer is able to start and end their shopping experience anytime anywhere through shopping cart and account that are synched with the web.
  2. Through My lists the quick access is possible to reorder the items purchased frequently.
  3. It gives the option of voice search or scanning a barcode which make fast search.
  4. Search and browse across the whole Quidsi Familyhood of sites.
  5. The iPad app will make the baby essentials shopping easier for busy moms even during middle of the night feedings and for moms and dads during their numerous activities.

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ReMax Agent effortlessly estimates the worth of your house

For those home owners who want to the value of their property, ReMax agent has introduced an app that can be run of iPad, iPhone, Android devices and online sites. The ReMax agent’s new app is designed to estimate worth of the property with few simple clicks.
In today’s technological era, there are many web based tools that assess the worth of the property on the basis of area it covers. However there are also other crucial aspects which must be considered before notifying about the value. This becomes reason for showing hundreds or even thousands of less prices than the actual worth. Also, there are some apps that can estimate worth of the house by employing Multiple Listing Services or MLS. For estimating the worth through MLS system, home owners must have their property listed in this.In order to eliminate frustration of the home owners ReMax agent has introduce iE. This app provides instant and reliable information on fingertips so that users can easily make their home buying and selling decision. iE understands the individuality of each property and it has unique evaluation system for assessing prices.

iE is an app that is functional, efficient, interactive and easy to use. The valuation system of iE is leveraged under 90,000 expert ReMax agents and associates from the world. They are held responsible to analyse property by reviewing it on the real estate statistics.

For this, iE requires basic information from the home owners including address, square footage, type of property, year of construction, and numbers of bedroom and bathrooms in many cases it demands at least three photos of the home so to know condition of the home. Download your app to know the actual price of your property and make your decision making process easier.

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