ReMax Agent effortlessly estimates the worth of your house

For those home owners who want to the value of their property, ReMax agent has introduced an app that can be run of iPad, iPhone, Android devices and online sites. The ReMax agent’s new app is designed to estimate worth of the property with few simple clicks.
In today’s technological era, there are many web based tools that assess the worth of the property on the basis of area it covers. However there are also other crucial aspects which must be considered before notifying about the value. This becomes reason for showing hundreds or even thousands of less prices than the actual worth. Also, there are some apps that can estimate worth of the house by employing Multiple Listing Services or MLS. For estimating the worth through MLS system, home owners must have their property listed in this.In order to eliminate frustration of the home owners ReMax agent has introduce iE. This app provides instant and reliable information on fingertips so that users can easily make their home buying and selling decision. iE understands the individuality of each property and it has unique evaluation system for assessing prices.

iE is an app that is functional, efficient, interactive and easy to use. The valuation system of iE is leveraged under 90,000 expert ReMax agents and associates from the world. They are held responsible to analyse property by reviewing it on the real estate statistics.

For this, iE requires basic information from the home owners including address, square footage, type of property, year of construction, and numbers of bedroom and bathrooms in many cases it demands at least three photos of the home so to know condition of the home. Download your app to know the actual price of your property and make your decision making process easier.

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