CyanogenMod quickly brings Android 4.2.2 to many devices

CyanogenMod 4.2.2

With all the excitement surrounding Android 4.2.2 this week, as you look down at your non-Nexus phone or tablet you may be feeling more than a little left out. Fortunately, the CyanogenMod team has worked quickly to release nightly builds of CM 10.1 to their lineup.

It’s not always easy to sift through an Android update, as history has taught the CyanogenMod team. Previous Android updates that seemed small on the outside have often had so much underlying code that the merge took weeks. Android 4.2.2 is all about polish, slightly changing dozens of tiny things across the operating system. Adding colons and changing font size, as well as fixing some known performance and Bluetooth bugs.

There are more than a few tiny changes, but now that the changes are live in the Android Open Source Project, Android developers can get to work merging the changes into their own projects. CyanogenMod, as one of the largest third party Android OS developers, will be releasing updates to their lineup of supported smartphones over the weekend.

Android 4.2.2

On top of the Nexus devices that are already running Android 4.2.2, CM10.1 nightlies for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab P1000, and Asus Trnasformer Prime Infinity are available. Throughout the weekend, more smartphones and tablets are likely to become available. The CM team briefly commented on their progress, noting that as one device in a “family” becomes available, the others will be quick to follow behind. So, if your carrier version of something like the Galaxy S3 isn’t available yet, you won’t be waiting for very long. All of the work being done here continues toward the monthly stable release of CM10.1, which will be announced later this month.

CyanogenMod 10.1 remains the best way to bring your gadget to the latest version of Android, since even phones that will be announced next week will not get the update to Android 4.2.2 from the manufacturer for at least a couple of months. In the case of a phone like the Galaxy S3, whose version of Android is so heavily augmented by Samsung, it’s more likely that the Galaxy S4 will be released before an update is available.

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