Spigen Leather Case Folio Series for iPad – Gear Review


Like many, you may be in the market for a case for your iPad – and our friends at Spigen have got a folio case that just might suit what you’re looking for. The most popular of accessories for the iPad, the “folio” case, looks like a folder that you can slide your iPad into, and typically has features which not only protect your tablet, but also allow it to stand in a variety of positions for working or viewing.




Spigen makes a wide variety of quality accessories and tools for your mobile devices, and has been kind enough to send us their new iPad Leather Case Folio Series. Out of the box, I am instantly impressed with the quality look and feel of this product. While this case is made of faux leather, the craftsmanship and quality of the material make it difficult to distinquish this from the real thing. It feels quite sturdy and stable, and both the back and front are stiffened. On the other hand, the interior of the case is crafted with a very soft suede-like material which will protect every side of your iPad from scratches from the case.



The iPad is securely locked into place with a velcro sleeve that attaches underneath your device, and there is a 2-tier standing structure built into the cover. All of the ports [headphone jack and dock connection], as well as the control buttons [volume, sleep/awake, and vibrate] have generous cut outs in the leather, and we can’t foresee any accessory incompatibility problems when using the case. Other features included the magnetic sleep or awake function, and precision cut camera hole.The only flaw I find in the design here, is the lack of protection at the corners of your iPad. The leather is cut out and leaves your device subject to dings and dents if accidentally dropped. When closed, the inner corners are protected by the cover flap, but the outer corners are always exposed. The rest of the case though is rigid and sturdy, and feels like it will hold up to everyday wear and tear.What I liked: This cover is really sleek and well designed. Even though its not made of genuine leather, the material feels durable and sturdy, and you may even have a hard time telling this from genuine leather.What I didn’t like: The only real disadvantage I could find about this cover would be the price tag. At $67.99, it is pricey for a case not made of genuine leather, but for $91.99 Spigen does offer the same option in genuine leather.To buy or not to buy: If you’re in the market for a quality cover for your iPad, this is a good investment. Its beautiful, durable, well-made, and you’ll surely enjoy using it.

  • Accessory Name: The New iPad Leather Case Folio Series
  • Category: iPad Cover
  • Company: Spigen
  • Colors: Black and Dark Green in Faux Leather, Brown and Dark Brown in Genuine Leather
  • Price: $67.99 / $91.99
  • Score: