iPhone continues to complement the Blue Ocean strategy

Many people believe that the competitive edge that iPhone and Apple enjoys over its competitors is the high-class leadership of the world renowned Steve Jobs. This is truly a reason why iPhone stands out of the ordinary and enjoys magnanimous success and market share all over the world. But, can anyone think as to what difference can one man bring about in the operations of a company? Well, I will surely open up not a new, but a perspective that generally ends up being ignored.

What companies do to stand-out?

Upon all the discussions and accolades that iPhone and Apple enjoys with respect to the leadership of Steve Jobs, one must understand the basis and the core philosophy at which the company is rooted.

Each company begins its operations with a few statements out of which the Mission Statement is far more realistic and logical as it is achievable. The mission statement is a statement of purpose and philosophy behind the existence of the company.

Moreover, strategies are made in order to achieve the designed company objectives. Normally we see technological companies based upon the Red Ocean Strategy, which is to capture what competitors are doing and perform it better than them.

Apple Computers actually work on the Blue Ocean Strategy.

The Blue Ocean Strategy of Apple iPhone

The Blue Ocean Strategy actually refers to the fact when an organization actually considers the competition as well as the market as ‘irrelevant’. This is when the company takes up a unique technology as its interface and develops a market of its own.

This Blue Ocean strategy is a huge reason why iPhone enjoys more than fifty percent of the world’s market share and Nokia, Siemens, Sony Eriksson, LG and Motorola combined are unable to decrease iPhone’s market share.

The Blue Ocean strategy has worked wonders as no matter how great your application is, it first has to be checked by people at Apple then they would convert it into the compatible format of the iPhone and upload it to the Apple Store. No application can be run on the iPhone without following this procedure. And this way, all iPhone users globally stay connected to one single hub, the Apple Store.

The Blue Ocean Strategy has done wonders for iPhone and Apple as a whole. Courtesy the mindset at which Steve Jobs operates the company, Apple promises to go a long way and would continue to fly high, no matter what (And I really mean it!!!).

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