Oh Sony You Are Such A Tease! [VIDEO]

There’s been much talk lately about the next generation of gaming consoles and its obvious it’s arrival is imminent. On Thursday Sony released a 44 second trailer offering you a glimpse to “see the future”. What exact future we’re seeing is unclear but the buzz is it will be an announcement of the PS4. The Cryptic teaser trailer features all the familiar Playstation controller button symbols, triangle, circle, square and the X amongst lights that look to be electricity surging around the controller buttons. I’m not positive but I swear the electricity briefly moves in the formation of a 4.

Another red flag that this is pertaining to PS4, Orbis or whatever its title will be is the fact Sony wants you to ” Be the first to know” by signing up with an email address so you can be alerted when they make the grand announcement. That announcement will be on February 20 at 6:00 PM EST. This event will be live streamed and when we here at “The Geek” know more details of where and how you can watch the live stream, we will let you know.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that people close to the situation have confirmed that it is indeed the next generation of Playstation that will be unveiled at this media event. WSJ is also stating that the console will be available for purchase before the end of 2013 and in time for the holidays.

As a long time Playstation fan who has owned every console Sony has released with the exception of PSPgo, this makes me extremely happy. No really, I’m totally geeking out about this! So not only will I be following this developing story as a contributor to Don’t Hate The Geek, but also as a Sony fan/fangirl.