Oh Sony You Are Such A Tease! [VIDEO]

There’s been much talk lately about the next generation of gaming consoles and its obvious it’s arrival is imminent. On Thursday Sony released a 44 second trailer offering you a glimpse to “see the future”. What exact future we’re seeing is unclear but the buzz is it will be an announcement of the PS4. The Cryptic teaser trailer features all the familiar Playstation controller button symbols, triangle, circle, square and the X amongst lights that look to be electricity surging around the controller buttons. I’m not positive but I swear the electricity briefly moves in the formation of a 4.

Another red flag that this is pertaining to PS4, Orbis or whatever its title will be is the fact Sony wants you to ” Be the first to know” by signing up with an email address so you can be alerted when they make the grand announcement. That announcement will be on February 20 at 6:00 PM EST. This event will be live streamed and when we here at “The Geek” know more details of where and how you can watch the live stream, we will let you know.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that people close to the situation have confirmed that it is indeed the next generation of Playstation that will be unveiled at this media event. WSJ is also stating that the console will be available for purchase before the end of 2013 and in time for the holidays.

As a long time Playstation fan who has owned every console Sony has released with the exception of PSPgo, this makes me extremely happy. No really, I’m totally geeking out about this! So not only will I be following this developing story as a contributor to Don’t Hate The Geek, but also as a Sony fan/fangirl.

Decorative silver ring around iPhone 5S home button may be fingerprint sensor


It’s the week before Apple’s big press event, and speculation about the iPhone 5S and its fingerprint sensor are running rampant on the Internet. The latest theory comes from AppleInsider, which claims the rumored silver ring around the iPhone 5′s home button is more than a decoration, it’s an integral part of the fingerprint sensor.

AppleInsider reviews the claims of Clayton Morris, who described the iPhone 5′s home button as an “innie with a silver ring” on a recent TWiT TV appearance. The blog then couples this observation with their own patent sleuthing.

AppleInsider combed through some of AuthenTec’s patents, which are now assigned to Apple, and claims it found evidence that the silver ring may actually be part of the fingerprint sensor. The technology may allow users to authenticate their fingerprint while they tap the home button and wake up their phone.

This theory sounds reasonable, but it doesn’t necessarily jibe with Morris’ statement that the iPhone woouldn’t incorporate any AuthenTec technology. It’s possible Morris’ sources were incorrect or AppleInsider may be reading too much into the patents. Regardless, we will find out all that we need to know about the iPhone next week during Apple’s September 10th event.

[Via AppleInsider]

PS4 Details Will Possibly Emerge This Month

Rumors are abound that Sony is set to reveal more details about the much-anticipated PS4. It was widely believed that they would use E3 to finalize details or at least give us more info but now speculation is that Sony will make an announcement as early as this month. Sony likely wants to keep the hype train rolling in their favor after the not so surprising PS4 announcement this past February.

My own personal opinion is that Sony wants to have all details available and perhaps even start taking pre-orders before Microsoft announces their next console. In January Microsoft posted a countdown to E3 on its blog which most people assumed was to be taken as a countdown to the NextBox. However there’s still a chance Microsoft will also preempt E3 with their own standalone announcement. Both consoles could possibly release by the end of 2013.

Eventually I will own both consoles but my first choice and the console I will pre-order in hopes of getting my hands on at launch will be the PS4. I think a lot of gamers have similarly made up their minds regardless of announcements. So geeks, what’s your thoughts on the impending next console generation? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what will undoubtedly be a competition that in the end can only end in a win for us gamers.

Chromebook Pixel with retina touchscreen coming in time for Google I/O? (with video!)

ChromeBook Pixel with touch

If a concept video that recently went public on YouTube is an accurate indicator, Google may be planning on showing off the touchscreen “Chromebook Pixel” with an ultra-high def display at Google’s I/O developer conference this year. The panel on this unannounced Chromebook is believed to boast a native resolution of 2560×1700 pixels. The facts aren’t entirely clear but this might be related to Google’s rumored “Project Link.”

The company behind the video (which was taken down just hours ago), SlinkyMe, says that the video made its way to YouTube after company servers were breached by hackers. It’s certainly a possibility, especially when you consider the fact that someone has changed the company’s channel logo to Anonymous’ signature Guy Fawkes mask. Then again, it’s also possible that the video was accidentally set public and the slip up needed a good cover story.

ChromeBook Pixel with touch - 002

Whatever the case may be, connected Chromehead Francois Beaufort says that he’s certain this device is currently being tested by the guys and gals in Mountain View. Several still images from the video were captured by Liliputing before the video was taken down. From what you can see, the designers Chromebook Pixel seem to have leaned on the MacBook for inspiration.

The chiclet keyboard is backlit and surrounded by what looks like an aluminum shell — though it seems likely that the chassis would actually be made from plastic if current this device is going to sell for a typical Chromebook price. It’s hard to imagine a high-end Chromebook hitting the market at this point in time. Google’s partners have all positioned their Chrome OS portables at the budget end of the spectrum so far.

Still, Google could be planning on putting the Chromebook Pixel — which may also be called the Chromebook Link — in the hands of developers and members of the tech press. That’s exactly what the company did with the first Chromebook, the Cr-48, and maybe this new model is going to be used to give that same group a glimpse at what the next generation of Chromebooks will look like.

With Google I/O 2013 coming up in a few months, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Google trot out a new flagship device like this.

Update – 1:35pm – Here is the video…

Editor’s note: Having seen the video I’m not quite confident that this is legitimate . It seems just a little bit off, as if this was a student video project or something along those lines. The video is definitely slick, but it doesn’t have the feel of an official Google release. Also the laptop looks rendered and no manufacturer was noted, which would be strange for a Chromebook release. The fonts don’t seem to be an exact match to Google’s standard selection either.

I’d say take this one with a grain of salt and try not to get too excited until we get closer to I/O.

Apple to release two 4-inch iPhones featuring in-cell touch in 2013, say sources

“Apple is planning the release of two iPhones in 2013 that are likely to be sized 4-inch and feature in-cell technology, according to industry sources,” Siu Han and Alex Wolfgram report for DigiTimes.

“Previously it was said that Apple would release a lower-cost version of its iPhone with a bigger screen in 2013,” Han and Wolfgram report. “But the sources claimed that Apple is indeed developing an iPhone with a bigger screen, but that will not be among the models to be lancuhed this year.”

Han and Wolfgram report, “However, the sources noted it is still yet to be determined if Apple will have adequate supply of in-cell touch panels in 2013 for a lower-cost version of the iPhone due to mass production issues…”

Read more in the full article here.

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