iPad 5 back plate leaks, looks like an iPad mini

The 9.7 inch iPad was always a big and beefy device, and when Apple released the 7.9 inch iPad mini, with practically zero bezels, it made the large iPad look morbidly obese. Rumors about an iPad 5 redesign that make the device look like an iPad mini have been around for months, but now, thanks to FanaticFone, we finally have pictures of what the rear aluminum shell looks like.

According to the source, the new iPad will measure roughly 240 mm by 168 mm. The current iPad, to give you a comparison, is 241.2 mm by 185.7 mm. In other words, Apple has managed to make is almost 18 millimeters narrower!

When will Apple actually announce the new jumbo iPad? That’s a good question. Something tells us it’ll be during the same event where the announce the retina iPad mini.