€ 1 Billion and 10 years bet by Europe on “Wonder Material” Graphene as a Silicon replacement

Graphene project was selected by the European commission to work on. European commission selected Graphene research project as one of two winners of the award competition. To fund 10 years of research “at the crossroads of technology and science” each project will get 1 billion. A project whose objective is to build human brain model is the second winner of the future and emerging technologies (FET).

The examination and exploitation of the distinctive properties of a carbon based material that is revolutionary. This also involves the chemical and physical properties exploration of a material that is single atom wide, furthermore conducts electricity for enhanced than copper. Has optical properties that are unique and is 100 to 300 times much stronger than steel.

How battery capacity could be improved by Graphene is an area of concern for the researchers now. Furthermore the researchers are also looking for its water repelling properties. The European Commission is but betting on this that Graphene would become 21st century’s wonder material. Silicon is used in ICT products and European commission also says that Graphene can replace silicon in ICT products as well. They also say that Graphene will become very important now as the plastic used to be in 20th century.

It is said that Graphene in the long term is going to become as important as the plastic or steel. Health, energy and transport will also be affected by the Graphene research. This shows that not only ICT but Graphene has impacts on other things as well. Professor Jari Kinaret who is from the Chalmers University Sweden will lead this project which is known as Graphene flagship project. This will also involve above 100 research groups. Four Nobel laureates will also be included along with more than 130 principal investigators. From a variety of sectors industry members are also included in this research. In the coming future more Graphene research centers are going to be developed as the Cambridge university announced it.

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Android is having 58% market share in smartphone app downloads, but iOS will move a head in tablet app download, this year- ABI

There are many ways to encounter the success of mobile platform, but if you are intending to measure the success by numbers of app downloads metric, than do not worry, ABI Research has already did it for you. According to ABI, the Android will win the race in 2013 with 58% of smartphone app downloads. Apple will be lagging behind with just 33% of downloads. By the inclusion of tablet app downloads, the figures will drastically change.ABI predicted that in 2013, almost 56 billion times app will download and majority of these apps will be of iOS and Android, it is showing that in smartphone market these two are enjoying duopoly. It is said earlier this year by ABI that Android will be having 57% share and iOS will be enjoying 21% share in the global smartphone market. Jointly, these two players were enjoying 92% of the chunk in the market in 2012 Q4 and this is now down to 72% and indicating that some second player is having chance to show its performance.

However, it is clear that Android is having bigger piece of share this year and it is expected to grow further. It will be too early to predict the figures knowing that China is urging in adoption of smartphones. For instance this February, China has passed US in order to become the world’s largest iOS and Android smartphone and tablet users. Apple is certainly not ignoring China and Tim Cook has already announced that China is an important market for Apple. There are many options for Chinese customers to buy, and Apple has also offered them option to buy Apple devices on credit terms.

No doubt, ABI prediction about Android app download is correct, because Android is having low cost smartphone market and having more numbers of customers. But, Apple in terms of making revenue formation from the app is still the leader, as their developers know exactly how to monetise their paid apps, in app purchases, virtual goods and upgrades.

ABI also declared that in terms of tablet app downloads, iOS is leading and this is another reason for shakiness of Android. This year it is predicated that almost 14 billion tablet apps will be downloaded and 75% of them will be accounted for iPad and 17% will be accounted for Android (excluding Kindle Fire). Amazon will be having 4% and Windows Tablets will be having 2% share, as claimed by the firm.

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