iPhone 5c Was Always Planned as Mid-Tier, Not Low-End, Says Cook


Is the price of Apple’s new iPhone 5c too high for the market for which it was intended?

Not according to CEO Tim Cook, who said the device isn’t intended for the unsubsidized prepaid customers that many observers thought it might be. During a Monday earnings call, Cook said the 5c isn’t the long-rumored “budget iPhone,” nor was it conceived as that.

“If you look at what we’ve done with our iPhone line, we’re selling the iPhone 4s as our entry-level offer,” Cook said. “We’re selling the iPhone 5c as sort of a mid-tier offer and then we have the iPhone 5s. Our goal is to have overall growth for the total iPhone [line], but also growth within each of those categories. … I realize that some people were reading rumors that the entry phone would be the 5c, but that was never our intent. Our entry iPhone is the iPhone 4s.”

In other words, Apple’s plan all along was to use a legacy device as its entry-level iPhone, just as it has done for years. And, as I’ve written before, the 5c was a move to establish a new mainstream price band between the smartphone market’s high end and its low end: “Historically, Apple has done quite well for itself using mid-tier products with lots of aspirational appeal to draw budget-conscious consumers into a higher price range. It did it with the iPod nano, and again with the iPad mini.”

Gold Silver Luxury Luxurious Synthetic Leather Magnetic Flip Case Cover Protector Skin for iPhone 4 4G 4S

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iPhone 4 Case – Silicone Case Protective iPhone 4/4s Case- Elephant on Dictionary (BLACK)

iPhone 4 Case – Silicone Case Protective iPhone 4/4s Case- Elephant on Dictionary (BLACK)

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Truly unique iPhone 4 case that offers ultimate protection to your iphone as well as adds great style to it. Compatible with Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T models of the iPhone 4/4S, our universal custom iPhone 4/4S cases offer the perfect fit for your phone no matter your carrier.

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evasi0n 1.3 To Jailbreak iPhone 4S on iOS 6.1.1 Released


As expected, evad3rs dev team has released evasi0n 1.3 to allow iPhone 4S users to jailbreak iOS 6.1.1.

Apple had surprised everyone by releasing iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S to fix 3G connectivity related issues earlier today.

Here’s the complete change log for the four versions of evasi0n released by the evad3rs tem this week:

Version 1.3:

  • Support for 6.1.1 on the iPhone 4S.

Version 1.2

  • Disable OTA updates.
  • Correct timezone issue in evasi0n binary if client fails to correct it.

Version 1.1

  • prevent Weather app from appearing on iPads.
  • mitigated the long reboot issue.
  • fix issue with not working after connecting multiple iOS devices
  • fix blinking of the jailbreak instructions on OS X.
  • codesigned Mac app.

Version 1.0

  • first public release

evad3rs dev team has also mentioned that evasi0n 1.3 should now correctly support OSX 10.5. They’ve also lowered the linux glibc requirement to 2.3

Head over to our download page to download the latest version of evasion for Mac, Windows or Linux.

evad3rs dev team is recommending users to update to iOS 6.1.1 by doing a full restore using iTunes. However, I’ve noticed that updating your iOS device to iOS 6.1.1 using iTunes should also work as long as you’ve manually taken a backup of your iOS device using iTunes before using the evasi0n tool.

If you need help then check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to jailbreak your iOS device using evasi0n jailbreak by clicking on the appropriate link below:

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
  • iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 2
  • iPod touch 5G, iPod touch 4G

Let us know how it goes in the comments.

Thanks D4 for the tip!

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.1 For iPhone 4S


Apple has just released iOS 6.1.1 (build 10B145) for iPhone 4S.

The update fixes the 3G connectivity issues that was affecting iPhone 4S users, which we had reported over the weekend.

From the release notes:

This update fixes an issue that could impact cellular performance and reliability for iPhone 4S.

It is currently available via OTA. It is 23MB in size.

Jailbreakers should avoid upgrading your iOS device to iOS 6.1.1, until the evad3rs dev team release a new version of evasi0n jailbreak for it. Jailbreakers should also take a backup of the SHSB blobs for iOS 6.1 using TinyUmbrella before Apple stops signing iOS 6.1 firmware file, if you haven’t jailbroken your iOS device with evasi0n yet.

It’s quite strange that Apple has released an update only for iPhone 4S, as iOS 6.1.1 beta that was seeded last week was available for all iOS devices.

If you were facing the 3G connectivity issues, then let me know if things have improved after installing the update.

Update 1:

You download iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S directly from here.

Update 2:

planetbeing of evad3rs dev team has confirmed that evasi0n jailbreak still works with iOS 6.1.1. They will be releasing an update to support iOS 6.1.1 shortly.

Griffin presents Survivor Custom case for iPhone 4/4S

Survivor Custom case

Griffin has introduced the particular Survivor Custom case for iPhone 4 and 4S. Just like its precursor Survivor, the Survivor Custom is made from a shatter-resistant plastic frame along with wrapped in silicone rubber, together meeting or exceeding Department of Protection ruggedization standards. What’s more, it comes equipped with the built-in screen guardian and hinged plugs in which seal your Dock Plug, headphone port, Hold Change, and quantity controls. Personalization is a major feature, because silicone wrap, shell as well as belt clip can be combined and matched with numerous colour options for absolutely no extra cost. Survivor Custom can be acquired now through Griffin’s web site.

Cool iPhone 4S Accessories-iPhone 4S Amplitude iRig

The iRig is brought to all of us by IK Media and this guitar interface adapter puts enjoying your tool into a totally new, mind-blowing level.Together with pre-installed tuner, mixer, guitar effects and other fairly sweet audio characteristics, this accessory breakthrough were able to attract professional musicians as well as amateurs alike.All you need to do is down load the AmpliTube iphone app from i-tunes, get this user interface and There you are! You’re ready to rock and roll out! What makes it even much cooler: The beauty of the iRig is that it’s appropriate for 3G, 3GS and even the actual iPad as well as the Macbook Expert. You can have all of your friends within on it and next thing you understand, you have an unique song recorded straight from your own device.

Amplitude iRig

Scosche RAILkase for iPhone 4 & 4S

Scosche RAILkase for iPhone 4 & 4S

If you are looking to get a stylish brand new case to safeguard your iPhone 4 as well as 4S you will be happy to find out that Scosche, an award-winning innovator of consumer engineering, just declared the availability of the Scosche RAILkase for iPhone 4 & 4S.By combining the 100% anodized aircraft quality aluminum exoskeleton along with interchangeable black and white silicone skins, the RAILkase features a sleek, yet protective, design that is ergonomic office and modern day looking. If you want to clean your iPhone, the stainless steel fast release lever allows for rapidly removal of the aluminum track without the use of equipment or important force.