VirtualChrome app has been rolled out by Xform Computing- Leader of Cloud powered apps

Xform Computing, the leader of cloud powered apps for the mobile devices has recently announced launch of VirtualChrome. This app is developed for the users of iPad and is obtainable from the Apple’s App Store- iTunes.
VirtualChrome app allows users to run real desktop class Chrome browsers from their virtual system with the assistance of power cloud computing.Mr. Kroum Antov, the CEO of Xform Computing has declared that “iPad users are familiar about its limitations, including lack of support for Java applications, Chrome Web Store, Chrome Extensions and Adobe Flash. Today, we have made it available for iPad users through VirtualChrome app.”

Users can employ VirtualChrome app for utilizing flash on their iPads. From now onwards, users will be able to enjoy Zynga Poker and FramVille2 of Facebook with existing status and points, Entanglement, Webkinz, ClubPenguin and thousand more on their iPad. This app also supports the site having Flash productivity including Sliderocket presentation and Abode online services like CreatePDF on

VirtualChrome also let users to enjoy Java apps including JAR, JNLP and Applets file. iOS devices do not support Java which is the heart of many interactive apps and websites. So from now, with VirtualChrome, iPad users will now be able to get pleased with PartyPker, Runescape, GameTableOnlien and much more.

VirtualChrome allows the iPad users to deploy thousands of enterprise and commercial apps supported with Java. Example of such apps are Scottrade Pro (and other similar types of Java based apps), Zoho Meeting (which features web conference screen sharing on iPad) and United Airline Unimatic schedule programming.

Another capability facilitated by VirtualChrome is Crome Extension. This extension allows browser integration features with Adblock, Stlish themes and Evernote Web Clipper on the iPad devices. The new VirtualChrome and extension feature can be installed from the Web Apps and from Chrome Web store.

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