Collect Monsters and Battle with Your Friends in Monster Life – iPad Game Review

If you’re in the market for a super cute app, look no further than Monster Life. This adorable freemium app stars blocky 3D monsters that look a lot like paper cutouts. The colors are bright and the gameplay is simplistic, which makes it perfect for kids and adults alike.

This is a game that’s a lot like a cross between Nintendo’s Pokemon series and Farmville. You will collect monsters and use them to do battle with other monsters., while also maintaining a small village. Monster Life isn’t quite as in-depth as Pokemon and there are far fewer monsters to collect, but the battles are engaging and the environment can’t be beat.

When you open the app you will be named a Monster Keeper and given an introductory monster to do battle with. Monsters start out as eggs, so you will need to hatch your egg to begin.

Eggs must be carefully maintained. After they hatch, you also need to care for baby monsters, feeding them bottles and playing with them. When your monsters grow, you need to build them habitats and keep them happy before you can battle with them.


Battles involve attacking or defending. Fighting is actually fairly simplistic and involves little strategy beyond tapping buttons at the right times. Attacking, defending and healing all take various currencies, and after battles, your monsters have a recovery time.

Because this is a freemium game, you will need to wait for these timers to countdown or use Crystals, the in-app currency, to cut down on your wait times. You will be guided through the game and the battles through a series of goals, which will reward you with experience and gold when completed.

Monster Life is a cute app, but it is no different than a slew of other freemium apps in the App Store where you maintain a farm, a village, or a cafe with constant timers to deal with. The battle element, however, is a nice change of pace from village management, and Monster Life can be played in small bursts of time if you don’t want to invest cash.


Monster Life has a total of 20 monsters to collect, along with 36 battle zones on four islands. You can battle with up to six different monsters at once and with the game’s recent update, you can challenge your friends to monster battles.

Given the simplicity of this game and the sweet, colorful graphics, Monster Life is sure to be an app that kids will love to play. Just make sure to turn off the in-app purchases before handing over the iPad!

What I liked: Monster Life has fantastic paper-style 3D graphics.

What I didn’t like: This is a standard freemium game, much like Dragonvale. It is unlikely to be of interest to serious gamers.

To buy or not to buy: Monster Life is free to download so it’s definitely worth checking out.

  • App Name: Monster Life
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Price: Free
  • Score: