Geek DVD Review: Archer Season 3


The group at ISIS is hands-down the most dysfunctional gathering of people I’ve ever seen. There’s more drinking, inappropriate talk, even more inappropriate behavior and physical harm than a Welcome Home party for an incestuous serial killer in the mountains! And every deviant fiber in my body loves it!

Archer is clearly a show for grown-ups still holding onto immature senses of humor. Only on basic cable can a spy agency have the boss walk in on the Human Resources gal passed out buck naked to a similar stated accountant. Where the agency’s “top dog” (the boss’ son of all people) decides to run away and bang brides on their honeymoon. Where cocktails go hand in hand with pistols. And yet somehow, these debacherous fools seem to always find to end up on top of each situation.

So how does the season stack up on DVD? Hit the break for the details…

The season is full of one-liners, “OMG OH NO THEY DIDN’T” moments, and exposed cartoon flesh to make a porn producer blush. I laughed pretty hard at every episode which says more about me than it does the show itself. Which I’m okay with.

The best episode has to be the Burt Reynolds episode. The recent trend of fictionalizing the man to more meet the silver screen version makes ole Burt a master legend, epic material of a big budget movie. “The Man From Jupiter” doesn’t stray far from this model, having Reynolds out move Sterling Archer, out drive cops and use Archer’s car to disable Cuban hit squads. All while laughing that famous Burt Reynolds laugh. Classic comedy.


“The Heart of Archness” trilogy that starts off season three was a great hook to go with after the ending of season two. Archer disappears after his smoking hot Russian fianc e is murdered front of his eyes. He decides to take up a new identity away from ISIS, serving up drinks and seducing newlyweds as “Randy”. Archer’s mother Mallory sends in a man hunter to track her baby boy down. The manhunting Rex, voiced by the great Patrick Warburton, finds him alright but he wishes almost right away he hadn’t.

The two (well Archer really) end up crashing the plane and get caught by pirates. Before the end of the mess, Archer becomes a king, fellow agents Lana and Ray attempt a messy and unsuccessful rescue and a lacrosse tournament is held. Well worth the price of admission.


The special features on disc two are hilarious. “Book on Tape Fail” had me crying, the short was the best of the bunch. It shows how self-centered and oblivious Archer really is. His “Gator 2″ trailer is a great example of the inner Archer child shining through. Explosions!

All in all I give Archer Season Three an 8 out of 10. Go pick it up on DVD or blu ray now. Thanks to Fox for the review copy!