Google to release augmented-reality game Ingress for iOS in 2014; unofficial iOS port already available


AllThingsD reports that Google is working on bringing Ingress, a mobile-augmented reality game which was launched for Android devices back in April, to iPhone and iPad.

I must admit I had no idea that Google had launched an mobile game, but it looks like it is quite popular on the Play Store, and has been downloaded over one million times even though it is in closed-beta right now.

So what is Ingress?

The game pits players around the world against one another as two teams, The Enlightened and The Resistance; players uncover clues about some mysterious new technology (a live story with new clues from Google every week) and claim local landmarks in the real world for their chosen side. Ingress players score points for their teams by exploring meatspace and collaborating with total strangers, both online and off.

You can watch the trailer of the game below:

The story is set in real-time so new clues are released by Google every week. A new season of the Ingress story called 13Magnus with live-play events planned for 38 cities kicked off in San Jose and Los Angles over the weekend, and will conclude in San Francisco on December 14th.

If you don’t want to wait for the official launch then you can play the game on your jailbroken or non-jailbroken (if you’ve a developer account) iPhone by downloading the unofficial Ingress port for iOS from this link. However, the developers of the unofficial iOS port warn: “”Use at your own risk, a banning may result for using a 3rd party app.”

Here’s the video of the iOS port gameplay:

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[Via AllThingsD]