Sopar – New Table Screen

The ideal screen to meet every need of practical use and elegant style. Refined Italian design together with the technological functionality.

Sopar - New Table Screen2

Sopar - New Table Screen3

Sopar - New Table Screen4

Sopar - New Table Screen1

Via Industrial Design Served

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Concept iPhone 6 by Federico Ciccarese

Each new year brings opportunities for change. But, no matter how many resolutions you make, some things remain the same. It’s only been a few months since Apple released the iPhone 5, but one designer already has a vision for what the next model should look like. Federico Ciccarese, an Italian designer, has come up with a series of stunning renders for the iPhone 6.
The concept for the iPhone 6 is inspired by the shape of the iPod Nano, though when applied to the iPhone it bares some resemblance to the Nokia Lumia. At the same time, Federico has re-imagined the look and feel of the operating system with a concept he calls iOSX, which is a fusion between iOS and the Mac OS X.
Though, there is no word on specifications, but the futuristic iPhone by Federico appears too radical to see the light of the day. But, all the same,would you like to see the next iPhone look like this?

Future technology Concept iPhone 6 by Federico Ciccarese

Future technology Concept iPhone 6 by Federico Ciccarese

Future technology Concept iPhone 6 by Federico Ciccarese

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Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

Today rapidly developing technology of information visualization. The bottom line is that everything that appears on the display as soon as possible to convey to the user’s eye, and the computing power hide somewhere far away: in glasses, in a pocket or backpack.
The source claims that Samsung has been exploring various innovative technologies, like flexible and bendable AMOLED screens. Those are expected to go into production close to the year end, so expect foldable smartphones to come soon enough. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of them, with a screen that can be folded in and out, without requiring a hinge or a cut through the middle.

Future technology Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

One big issue with this concept, and that is the fact that it is flat, which goes against everything that most of us expect the S5 to be. Samsung was to go with a flexible display with this years model, but it came to light that there were several productions issues with getting this to work. However, we do expect to see a flexible display with the Galaxy S next year.
Upon closer inspection this so-called Galaxy S5 concept has a display that can be folded and is 7.5mm thick when unfolded and 15mm when folded. We truly ready for a phone we can bend in two?

Future technology Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

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