Kontrol.tc developers launch TV apps featuring Multiscreen and multiplatform

From past few decades, smart TV market has been flourishing because of the endless efforts performed by the software and device manufacturers. In this battle, the key players are Google, LG, Samsung, Sony and many more. However, till this date no one could have achieve success in really making the smart TV that provide endless control and navigation for hundreds of pieces of the contents and thousands of apps. Smart TV market is totally fragmented and that is the reason the proposed TV apps only work for manufacturing companies.

But what if challenge is conquered and someone has developed an application that bestows control and navigation from the tablets and mobile phones and abolishes the use of remote controls? What if you will be allowed to play games with your friends on connected TVs- even of different manufacturers? What if you can get connected with the different applications using different operating systems? Or what if you have bestowed a chance to use multiscreen and multiplatform TV application that work across every operating system and manufactured TV?

If this would be a dream, then reality is also there. Kontrol.tv has made this possible. From last few years, expert developers of Knotrol.tv have been working over dual screen mobile phones and TV apps. The project to amalgamate TV and screening features is entitled as MOVL, and WeDraw is the first app build for Samsung TV. Samsung has helped Knotrol.tv and signed partnership for the product and that’s the reason, WeDraw has been launched so quickly. The product is capable of working over ten million devices with multiscreens apps.

APIs is another achievement that has helped Kontrol.tv to reach billions of users of mobile devices and TV manufacturers. It has clouding direct connecting streaming media for the TV and mobile. The app will help in connecting devices that supports the Knotrol.tv. It will be capable of working over Philips, Google TV, Sony, LG, Sharp, Toshiba and others.

For enjoying this multiplatform and multiscreen TV app you just have to go to Google Play store or iTunes app store. The mobile and TV app will automatically synchronies if connected with the same WiFi network. Start up now!!

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