News has been released regarding HTC’s new cell phone M7 having specification of 5.0 touch screen

HTC is a very renowned mobile making company but the previous year was very disastrous for them. In spite of that HTC has got succeed and enjoyed excellent customer satisfaction in both new hardware launched by them. That have been included in their cell phones, the one is HTC one x and the other one is HTC solid, in the current year the news has been released that HTC is going to introduce new hardware that is M7 which would able to tackle all the issues ever customers have. News or you can say a rumor of launching HTC M7 was for the country Barcelona in the upcoming year.At a quick look, the HTC M7 has marked with looks of Android phone that mostly people were expecting from the company HTC, the cell phone HTC M7 is having a company’s recognizable sign with it and its totally have a shape which consist of corners that are rounded, HTC M7 back is dull black which is very similar to the signature style of HTC and other specification may include a surface which is not a slick surface but a rubber one, having a camera with best result just on the center of the phone and having grill attached with the speaker that is located at the bottom of the HTC M7.

The other specifications that focused in the scandal or rumor were having a processor of 1.7 GHz that has 4 cores means quad-core, having a screen of 4.7 inch, having best camera result with the1080p resolution. The pictures or images revealed, clearly representing that HTC M7 would have a sense of 5.0 to run the applications on the phone. The main specification which makes this phone more different from other HTC cell phones is user interface, having an awesome clock just like digital one that has never been used in any HTC cell phone and replaced the other clocks used in any HTC before, having new gadgets that we have never seen before or may be not so much popular in screen-cap.

HTC should have to work quickly on gaining consumer confidence, its two designs that are butterfly and DNA android phones are very attracted by the customers or consumers. HTC M7 would not only be a big screen device but it would be more user friendly.

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