A More Comfortable Backpack

Have you checked out the backpacks kids are carrying to school lately? The amount of stuff that high school kids have to tote around is ridiculous. And – in the case of my Freshman nephew – if the locker is not nearby the classrooms they are stuck schlepping all books with them. Or how about college students? Maybe your dorm is across campus from where you need books. Backpacks have been proven to be a smart way to tote stuff. But seriously, even a good pack leaves users with big shoulder loads.

A company named Airbac (also seen written as Airbak) took the backpack concept a little further with their products. Airbac technology incorporates an adjustable air bladder system into the lumbar area of their backpacks. Load up your pack and inflate or deflate the bladder as needed. Airbac helps spread the weight over your entire back, putting less strain on shoulders. And the air bladder offers natural protection for breakables you may carry. Each pack contains numerous pockets and compartments to accommodate books, laptops, gadgets, pens and other goodies. Double stitch nylon construction and the puncture resistant bladder means Airbac units will last. Models exist for many uses: school, business, travel and sports. And for the photographers out there, check out Airbac camera bags. Prices start at $49.99 on Airbac’s website. So stop by and find the solution for you and let Air(bac) take away cargo strain.
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