Portable 13800mAh Capacity Power Bank for iPhone/Smart Phones-Black Reviews

Portable 13800mAh Capacity Power Bank for iPhone/Smart Phones-Black

  • Portable 13800mAh Capacity Power Bank for iPhone/Smart Phones-Black
  • The portable power bank is widely compatible with iPhone, Smart phone, such as, BlackBerry, HTC, Galaxy, etc which is ideal for extended calling, long trips, gaming and listening music. Creative design, practical usage and competitive advantage make you deserve to own one. High-end and thin-flim EL display

* Name of item:Power bank
* Color:Black
* Wide compatible, such as iPhone, Smart phone, such as, BlackBerry, HTC, Galaxy,etc
* Enviromental & economic efficiency
* Powerful with long operation time
* Cell type:Li-polymer battery
* Capacity: 13800mAh
* Input: DC 5V 1000 mAh
* Output A: 5V 1000 mAh
* Output B: 5V 2100 mAh
* Charging time:9 hours
* Long cycle life:500 times
* LED light for power status
* Automatic idenfication switch

Shelly Palmer Talks Cell Phones on Always Mountain Time Radio

Shelly made an appearance on Always Mountain Time radio and hit on a wide array of topics in tech: the Connected World, how small businesses have had to change over the years and the different types of media that businesses have to deal with. He also talks about cell phones: why everyone hates the iPhone 5, why you should love the Galaxy S IV, why the Lumia 1020 matters, and why you’d want to buy the BlackBerry Q10.

The BlackBerry Q10 Review: Is It Right For You or Should It Be BlackBuried?

BlackBerry Q10

Back in the day, owning a smartphone (pretty much) meant owning a BlackBerry. If you needed to get work done on the go, a BlackBerry was THE phone to get. Being a “CrackBerry addict” was a badge of honor and, if a high school kid had one – he or she was absolutely in the “in” crowd because BBM was the “cool kids” social media tool of choice.

That was then. Today, in a world dominated by touchscreens and (most importantly) apps, having a BlackBerry screams to all the world about your “old school” roots or that the IT department at your job is so antiquated that it is forcing you to use this distant relative of a modern-day device.

Whether you’re on iOS or Android – which, according to StatCounter, combine to make up over 60 percent of the mobile market – you have access to hundreds of thousands of apps. Apps define today’s mobile experience more so than any other feature on your phone. Secondary mobile platforms, like Windows Phone and BlackBerry, simply can’t compete; their app stores are suboptimal when compared to Apple and Google.

But do they need to compete?

Back in January, BlackBerry showed off its newest operating system, alongside its new flagship phone, the Z10 (which recently had its price slashed all the way down to $49.99 after poor sales in its first six months). The Z10 was a smartphone modeled after top-tier phones like iPhone and Galaxy S III, and featured a 4.2″ touchscreen. But much like Windows Phone, a lack of app support and lackluster hardware made the Z10 a nonstarter.

Perhaps the last act of a desperate organization, BlackBerry recently launched the Q10, which is a return to the familiar BlackBerry form factor for hardcore BlackBerry fans. The Q10 has a keyboard and a small, but serviceable touch screen.

So – what makes the phone special? Is it worth buying? Should you switch from your iPhone or Android to a Q10? Is it worth an upgrade from older BlackBerry phones?

What Makes it Special?

The Q10 is the BlackBerry that should have come out three years ago. It’s the next generation BlackBerry with a keyboard, and anyone who is a BlackBerry fan is going to want this phone.

The Q10 looks like your traditional Blackberry. It has a 720 720 pixel touchscreen that takes up the top of the device, and a physical keyboard on the bottom. The phone resembles the BlackBerry Bold, the most popular BlackBerry device of a generation long past. There’s no track ball on the Q10 as the touchscreen renders it obsolete.

If you want flawless e-mail and texting with a physical keyboard – and don’t need much more than that out of a smartphone – this is the device for you. I’d forgotten how nice it feels to type on a physical keyboard. I’ve been a glass keyboard user for quite some time, between my new Galaxy S IV and the iPhones I’ve had for the past few years.

What Are the Downsides?

Try as it might, BlackBerry is not an app-driven platform. If you’re an app person, this isn’t the phone for you; you’re going to want to stick to an iPhone or high-end Android device. (But you already know this.)

We live in a world where new phones have to have all kinds of new capabilities. Apps really make the phone. Since Steve Jobs created the App Store and let third-party developers take his platform to the next level, having a bountiful app store is a necessity for a smartphone to succeed.

It is important to understand that the BlackBerry App Store does have apps for the most popular services: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sports, News, Weather, etc. It just doesn’t go deep and, to be frank, it never will.

The BlackBerry is not an AppPhone; Androids & iPhones are not BlackBerrys

If you hold up a Galaxy S IV next to the Q10, side-by-side, even a person who’s never used a smartphone before will be able to tell that the devices are very, very different.

Side by Side: Galaxy S IV and BlackBerry Q10

It’s easy to tell which is the better, more modern phone.

There’s no contest. A 720 720 screen – even with a nice, physical keyboard – isn’t enough to make up for the lack of screen real estate that the S IV (or other phones of its size) provides. The Q10 is not a device you will enjoy reading an eBook with, nor will you care for its web browsing experience. That said: in a pinch, it will do.

Should You Upgrade?

The BlackBerry Q10 has one purpose and one purpose only: If you’re a BlackBerry Bold or Curve user, and you want the next-generation BlackBerry, it’s here. The Q10 has 4G LTE, an app store with basic essentials and a decent camera. If you’re sporting a Bold or Curve – or, if you already have an iPad or other tablet and simply need the best possible typing experience available on a handheld device. upgrade to the Q10 now.

If you’re anyone else… $199 with a two-year contract will put you in a much more powerful, much more capable device running Android 4.2.x. Did I forget to mention the iPhone 5? Yep. That is not a device you should be considering right now. It’s already two-year-old technology. If you’re in the market for a smartphone or app phone right now, go with Samsung, Sony, LG or HTC. Apple has a lot of catching up to do.

What Does Prem Watsa See in BlackBerry?


Chris Hughes | University of Waterloo, Graphics, Photo/Imaging

With the announcement of its proposed $4.7 billion takeover bid, Fairfax Financial Holdings and its chairman, Prem Watsa, answered the long-running question, “Who would ever buy BlackBerry?” But in doing so, it posed a new one, as well: Why? And that’s not a particularly easy question to answer, either.

Just what does Watsa see in the collapsing smartphone pioneer, which just days ago announced a nearly $1 billion shortfall in second-fiscal-quarter earnings and plans to sack 40 percent of its workforce? Something that few others seem to be able to visualize – a long-term play in which BlackBerry successfully reinvents itself? Or is this bid simply a last-ditch effort to put a floor beneath BlackBerry’s tumbling share price in the hope of enticing other potential buyers and saving Fairfax’s investment in the company?

In a Monday statement announcing Fairfax’s offer, Watsa said it was the former, describing the move as one that “will open an exciting new private chapter for BlackBerry.” In that sense, the deal is simply the latest manifestation of Watsa’s faith in what he once described as “Canada’s greatest technology company.”

As Watsa wrote in a March letter to Fairfax Financial shareholders, “The brand name, a security system second to none, a distribution network across 650 telecom carriers worldwide, a 79 million subscriber base, enterprise customers accounting for 90 percent of the Fortune 500, almost exclusive usage by governments in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., a huge original patent portfolio, an outstanding new operating system developed by QNX and $2.9 billion in cash with no debt, are all formidable strengths as BlackBerry makes its comeback!”

But that was more than six months ago, and in the time since, BlackBerry has slipped deep into the mud that’s been sucking at its boots since it first dismissed the iPhone and Android as credible threats to its business. Sure, the company does have some potentially valuable assets in its patent portfolio and secure messaging platform, BlackBerry Messenger. And there’s a few billion in cash and investments, as well. But BlackBerry is hardly a company poised for a comeback. These days, it’s a sadly diminished pioneer sliding inexorably toward irrelevance.

So, again, does Watsa really believe he can take BlackBerry private and recapture some of its former glory? Certainly possible – if he continues to hold the same long-term view of the company he’s always had. “Is [BlackBerry] going to turn around in three months, six months, nine months? No,” he said last year. “But if you’re looking four, five years. … We make investments over four or five years.”

Maybe that’s Watsa’s game here, as well, assuming Fairfax can actually secure the financing it needs to acquire BlackBerry. Or maybe he’s planning to sell it for parts at some point down the line.

Or perhaps he’s simply doing his best to build some acquisition buzz in the hope of minimizing the potential losses stemming from Fairfax’s 10 percent BlackBerry stake. Also entirely possible. Keep in mind that the “deal” that was announced Monday is not binding – Fairfax hasn’t even lined up financing for it yet, and it gives BlackBerry six weeks to seek other bidders. And to some observers, that reads as damage control on a large and fast-declining investment.

As Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair told AllThingsD, “Watsa is trying to salvage his 10 percent investment in the company and create a backstop while other potential investors hopefully bid it up. The best evidence of this is that six week due-diligence period and the fact that they are able to shop themselves around in the meantime.”

Fairfax Financial did not respond to request for comment.

Blackberry A10 LCD Screen and Digitizer Leaked

We have heard many rumors about BlackBerry working on a new flagship smartphone called the BlackBerry A10. The device has even shown up in a short video and in some leaked pictures. The rumored specs are that the BlackBerry A10 will have a 5 inch display, a dual core processor 2GB of RAM.


Unlocked Red BlackBerry Q5 Now Available

The unlocked red blackberry Q5 is now available in the UK from mobile retailer Clove, the handset retails for 330 including taxes, and it comes with BlackBerry 10.

The BlackBerry Q5 features a 3.1 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 x 720 pixels, plus a full QWERTY keyboard, it also features front and rear facing cameras.

Red BlackBerry Q5

Rogers to Release Blackberry OS 10.2 in Late-October

Earlier this month, Blackberry unveiled their first 5-inch handset known as Z30 at a press event. The handset comes with the latest Blackberry OS 10.2. It was also announced that the update will hit Blackberry Z10, Q10 and Q5 from October, but no exact ETA was given as it’s also subjected to carrier approvals. After the update is released by Blackberry, it could take some time for carriers to test the update, add customizations and release it.

For those of you who are using Rogers, you can expect the update by the end of this month.

Blackberry Q10

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