Navfree: Android gets free satnav without the roaming charge

Navfree, the gratis GPS mapping service for iPhone, has now arrived on Android. The app brings turn-by-turn guidance for Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, India, South Africa and Latin America. We know what you’re thinking: Android already has turn-by-turn sat nav guidance in the form of Google Maps Navigation. Luckily, Navfree has an extra trick up its sleeve.

Navfree for Android packs a similar punch to Nokia’s Ovi Maps: it allows users to download and store the maps, which means you can use the turn-by-turn guidance in areas without 3G signal, or when abroad, where doing so would result in massive data roaming bills.

That’s what makes Navfree so special: its ability to guide you without using a drop of your monthly data allowance. On top of that, users can update the maps with knowledge of their own local area at, which makes it a mutually beneficial app for its 3.7 million current members. All this for nought? Where’s the catch?