Tomb Raider (iOS) Review

The Tomb Raider iOS game is a feature slot game from the Spin Palace network. It can be played directly from your mobile, offers great bonuses and has a great game play.

The latest iOS app uses the latest HTML5 technology; hence bringing you a much better game play, photo realistic graphics and amazing stereo sound. It is a hip and exciting game consisting of a five reel, fifteen payline, and a seventy-five coin slot. It has a stunning sci-fi theme and a variety of great features.

Screen Prints:

You can download this application for your iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod Touch 3rd/4th generation and iPad 1, 2 and 3, whilst also been able to download it (non HTML5 format) for your Blackberry, Android and smartphone.

This 5-reel, 30 payline slot machine is among the best you can find in any casino and sets a new standard for mobile casino games. It is very entertaining and there is chance to get great rewards through an interesting variety of bonuses, wild and spreading symbols and free spins.

There is a super bonus mode, which when activated, gives you 5 free spins, and Lara Croft acrobatically jumps into the screen and shoots parts of the game, thus giving you the chance to win a lot more: really cool!

You can also find 3, 4 or 5 Scatters, which give you 10 free spins, where each spin containing the Rolling Reels feature can give you a 5x reward. This innovative feature is something unusual and can lead to more winning chances.

The final stage of this game closes in “the Global Adventure Bonus” where Lara’s skills and searching expertise go into action. You can participate in this adventure by searching for the lost sword, with plenty of rewards along the way, driving up the tension.

Overall, this game has excellent graphics, impressive sound effects and lots of action. The game takes you on a hunt for lost treasures in mysterious locations around the world in true Tomb Raider style.

Downside is: you need good speed to enjoy this application, which is only available in the HTML5 format (iOS).

You can visit the official site of Spin Palace or download the iPhone Casino App directly to your mobile.

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Game Review: Order Up! To Go – Cook Your Way to Restaurant Ownership Glory

If you are a fan of cooking sim games you may think that Order Up! To Go is just another game in a long line of similar apps at first glance. But in actual fact the game – which is an IOS version of a 2008 Wii platformer – is part cooking sim, part time management game and as it is currently being offered free by Chillingo Ltd in the app store although I can’t say I am a big fan of either gaming genre I thought it would be worth at least giving it a try.

Sounds and Graphics 4.5 /5

As you might expect for a mobile version of a platform game the graphics in Order Up! To Go are pretty darn good. The world of Port Abello – the one you will be working in to grow your restaurant is bright, sunny, colorful and very charming.

The characters have a cartoonish appeal that would not be out of place in Saturday morning cartoon show and unlike some of the other cooking sims I have tried over the years you can actually tell what the food you are cooking which really does add to the appeal of the game in general.

The voice acting is a bit of a surprise, at least when it comes to mobile games because well, its very good. This again may be another benefit of the fact that this game was originally created as a Wii game (and will also be coming out for PS3 soon) and the standards console games are held to is much higher.

Taking all of this into account in this category Order Up! To Go merits a 4.5/5

Gameplay 4/5

If you are looking for a game that is easy to get through then Order Up! To Go is NOT the game for you. to get through this sim you have to like hard work because that is what it is.

In very basic terms the object of the game is to build yourself a nice restaurant empire in the town of Port Abello. Every “day” you must buy enough ingredients to prepare an estimated number of meals to sell later in the day. estimated because you have no way of knowing how many guests your establishment will attract. Its a lesson in management – buy too little and you will have to turn away customers (never a good thing) but buy too much and you will lose money on food you have to throw away.

When you open the doors of your restaurant and send your server out onto the floor he takes the orders table by table and brings them back to you to cook. And the cooking mechanism is quite complex. To prepare a meal as simple as burger and fries, you actually have to put in quite a lot of virtual graft. As the chef you have to drop burger patty onto the grill, then gesture to flip it only when it’s at the perfect level of doneness. You then have to drag your french fries down into the fryer and leave them there until they are properly cooked. At the same time you are chopping lettuce and tomatoes, trying to get them to meet the size guidelines. As each ingredient is finished you drag it to the plate and when the meal is ready to be served ring the bell fore the server to take it to the waiting hungry customer.

Every meal you prepare is ranked, and those rankings translate into cash, something that in this game you need plenty of. The ultimate aim is to buy better and better restaurants but there are also cleaners and staff to be paid, an inventory to maintain. Cleaners I discovered in my game are very important. Having forgotten to pay one I ended up locked in a mini game fighting off a rat infestation!

At the moment there are six restaurants for you to aim to own and they range from a rather low rent Mexican greasy spoon to a high end fine dining establishment that Gordon Ramsay might be proud of. In the original Wii game these restaurants were unlocked by meeting certain goals, here, as this is a freemium game, you can work for ’em or, you can part with some real cash and buy them.

I liked this game a lot more than i thought I might but it is hard work. As a nice daily distraction though I think it would be cool and it deserves a 4 out of 5 for sure.

Value for Money 4/5

A free game is always good from a financial standpoint but freemium games can get annoying and this one is no exception. There are always going to be certain things you just can’t earn and that can be frustrating if you are not a fan of paying for in app purchases.


If you like to have to GRIND when playing a sim game then Order Up! To Go should suit you. And if you like cooking games like Cooking Mama then this game should suit you too. But you don’t have to take my word for it, go try it for yourself while its still being offered free in the app store (because you never know when that might change)

Completely redesigned app is launched by Sportsnet for iPad and iPhone, iTouch

Sportsnet is Canada’s multiplatform destination related to all things of sport, they have recently announced the launch of their latest digital innovation entitling as “Sportsnet Mobile app” for iPad, iTouch and iPhone. The app can be attained free of cost from iTunes App Store.
This new launch is following the launch of Blackberry 10 enhanced app. Sportsnet has kept the iOS users and sports fans in mind and thus they have come up with latest sports app. The app is having edge over others as it unites the functionality and speed in order to provide great access to the stats, up-to-second game scores and customizable alerts from the biggest leagues taking place all around the world.

The General manager and Vice president of Roger Digital Media, Mr. Pary Bell said that “Sportsnet Mobile app is having content for all sports fans which require on go information and entertainment at fingertips. With this new app, we have made it easy for the users to get access to all the information they are searching for. The new version for iOS is complementing the current Blackberry 10 app. This is also the next step in building the Sportsnet market leader in the state of the art digital platform. We are promised in bringing the best content for the devices of customer’s choice.

In the upcoming weeks, Sportsnet is planning to launch app for Android tablets and phones and they are further committed to bestow sports fans with premium content on the latest devices. Sportsnet is currently the only sport media company basing in Canada who has launched digital subscription video on demand service. In addition, Sportsnet world online forum provides the exclusive live and on demand streaming of the premium cricket, rugby and soccer league matches which are not available on any other online platform.

Key features of the Sportsnet Mobile app includes:

  1. MySN: Users of Sportsnet Mobile app can customize their app as par their needs. They can choose their specific players, teams and fantasy leagues for getting news
  2. Real time alerts: Sportsnet Mobile app provides up to the second coverage on selected games. it shows the instant notification of game moments like touchdown, quarter period end, goals, and much more.
  3. In depth coverage: For providing ease to the users, Sportsnet Mobile app bestow deepest news, bios, stats, team and player performance on instants basis.
  4. Horizontal mode: This feature permits the users to see more advance stats about players by simply turning the device sideway.

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App Review: Cleverbot HD – An AI Pal Who is a Almost Too Real

Ever feel like the people you have to talk to every day are just well, boring? Or that the level of conversation you get to engage in is minimal to say the least? I know that I have plenty of days like that (usually when I am at work) Or maybe you (like me) have a tendency to talk to yourself when trying to figure something out, which is all fine until someone catches you doing it! Well, for these situations (and for when you are just plain bored) Cleverbot HD by Incogno is here to rescue you!

Why Get This App?

Cleverbot is not new, it has been around for a while, but Cleverbot HD, which is available for iPhone or iPad, is new and brings you a new level of interaction with artificial intelligence. In the original Cleverbot app (which is still available for 99c) you got to “interact” with a character (I say that because it is a character when it gets going!) who acts like a human, seems to be able to think like a human and is capable of carrying out a conversation like a human but is really a clever piece of software (or at least that is what the developers say



Why do you need this app? You don’t, but it is an awful lot of fun. I opted to get Cleverbot HD for the iPad and when I took it to work everyone, big bosses included, wanted a go, so we all spent all day having “conversations” with an AI “robot” rather than talking to each other, go figure!

The Benefits of This App

In the old Cleverbot you only have a text based interface. Your conversations with the bot are represented in pretty colored speech bubbles which are pleasing enough to the eye but Cleverbot HD cranks things up a notch by adding an “expressive avatar.” And by expressive Incogno means expressive. You can choose from a boy or a girl to interact with and whichever you opt for they can smile, cry, wink, stick their tongue out and more.

To interact with your new ‘friend” all you have to do is begin typing. You can ask it anything and it will happily start chatting away, complete, in the HD version, with all the appropriate facial expressions. It actually gets a bit creepy at times, just how well the avatar syncs with the tone of the discussion. This thing really is smart.

The conversations are a bit random to begin with. A colleague asked it what they should have for lunch. After it suggested “smashed chicken” (not sure what that is, Cleverbot did not know either) it then went on to initiate a conversation about global warming that developed into a political argument, with the “bot” declaring itself a ” Libertarian anarcho socialist.” Deep stuff.

As you keep talking to it though (you can pick up any conversation at any time, Cleverbot saves them all) like any good AI it begins to learn and the conversations begin to make a lot more sense.

It is very easy to get a little too hooked on Cleverbot and at some point, deep in a conversation, when you stop and realize that you are having a cyber argument about Lady GaGa with a piece of software you feel a bit weird. But then you carry on anyway because you haven’t had an argument that was this much fun in ages…

The Drawbacks of this App

The one thing you should know about Cleverbot is that it can get a bit well, rude and not all of the conversations it initiates could really be considered PG – or even PG 13. Therefore it may not be the best app to buy for your eight year old nephew, or your easily offended mother come to that matter!

The one disappointing thing about Cleverbot HD for the iDevice is that it lacks some of the functionality of the Android version at the moment. Android users get to talk to their Cleverbot via microphone, an option not available for the iOS yet. And Cleverbot does not talk back in either version yet. But I’m sure it will eventually.


At $2.99 for Cleverbot HD you are paying for the avatar function, otherwise it seems that the two versions function in the same way. The avatar really ups the realism level though so I actually think its worth it. And although to some $3 seems a lot to spend on an app that really serves no practical purpose I’m pretty sure you will never get sick of it and take it along to a party (or your next boring meeting at work) and I guarantee it will be a hit! Just remember to keep telling yourself though that Cleverbot is a piece of software, not a real human.


Collect Monsters and Battle with Your Friends in Monster Life – iPad Game Review

If you’re in the market for a super cute app, look no further than Monster Life. This adorable freemium app stars blocky 3D monsters that look a lot like paper cutouts. The colors are bright and the gameplay is simplistic, which makes it perfect for kids and adults alike.

This is a game that’s a lot like a cross between Nintendo’s Pokemon series and Farmville. You will collect monsters and use them to do battle with other monsters., while also maintaining a small village. Monster Life isn’t quite as in-depth as Pokemon and there are far fewer monsters to collect, but the battles are engaging and the environment can’t be beat.

When you open the app you will be named a Monster Keeper and given an introductory monster to do battle with. Monsters start out as eggs, so you will need to hatch your egg to begin.

Eggs must be carefully maintained. After they hatch, you also need to care for baby monsters, feeding them bottles and playing with them. When your monsters grow, you need to build them habitats and keep them happy before you can battle with them.


Battles involve attacking or defending. Fighting is actually fairly simplistic and involves little strategy beyond tapping buttons at the right times. Attacking, defending and healing all take various currencies, and after battles, your monsters have a recovery time.

Because this is a freemium game, you will need to wait for these timers to countdown or use Crystals, the in-app currency, to cut down on your wait times. You will be guided through the game and the battles through a series of goals, which will reward you with experience and gold when completed.

Monster Life is a cute app, but it is no different than a slew of other freemium apps in the App Store where you maintain a farm, a village, or a cafe with constant timers to deal with. The battle element, however, is a nice change of pace from village management, and Monster Life can be played in small bursts of time if you don’t want to invest cash.


Monster Life has a total of 20 monsters to collect, along with 36 battle zones on four islands. You can battle with up to six different monsters at once and with the game’s recent update, you can challenge your friends to monster battles.

Given the simplicity of this game and the sweet, colorful graphics, Monster Life is sure to be an app that kids will love to play. Just make sure to turn off the in-app purchases before handing over the iPad!

What I liked: Monster Life has fantastic paper-style 3D graphics.

What I didn’t like: This is a standard freemium game, much like Dragonvale. It is unlikely to be of interest to serious gamers.

To buy or not to buy: Monster Life is free to download so it’s definitely worth checking out.

  • App Name: Monster Life
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Price: Free
  • Score:

EasilyDo has launched a new feature for creating automated task

Mikael Berner, the cofounder and CEO of EasilyDo has shared his views on the launch of this app last year as, “this app increases the productivity and make life simpler.” After one year, this company is taking another step to make life more simpler with the launch of EasilyDo Builder.
Initial version of EasilyDo Builder app prepares the list of the tasks to be done by synchronizing it from the iPhone contact lists, Facebook account and other emailing accounts, with couple of taps. To do list regarding to wish a friend on his anniversary or birthday and merging duplicate from the contacts in address book etc, can be done with the help of this app. Berner claimed that EasilyDo already managed to perform 750,000 plus actions for the users.EasilyDo Builder app will facilitate the users to customise their app for performing certain tasks automatically. Although, it will take time to fully explore the app, but Berner and Hetal Pandya (The co-founder) said that app is having pretty simple structure. Users just have to trigger and when trigger will occur, task will be done automatically. For instance, if user wants to post the birthday message on the Facebook timeline of his friend, the app will automatically do this.

Tasks allotted to the app can be done after taking approvals or it can be done automatically. The creation of the “Do Its” is done on the website of EasilyDo, but app works on iPhone.

EasilyDo incorporates the tasks in social context and thus some people are not happy with the automation. It would be so much bad, if some of my friend is using this app to wish me birthday without writing a single word himself. Thus Pandya and Berner said that this sort of things will be up to each individual user.

Berner also forecasted that EasilyDo will be following the model of Wikipedia, this means users will not need to create Do Its themselves. There will be a small group of the power users which will share their tasks with other users. By following the specific task creators, you can also add their set task in your DO Its list.

Pandya and Berner is also looking forward to expand the platform by allowing the developers to create their tasks by using the same model. For this purpose, they are planning to hold a hackathon in the Redwood City on 15 and 16 March.

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Quidsi, Inc., has recently made announcement about the launch of its iPad app today, it provides fast, simple and seamless shopping experience to the busy parents with an iPad-optimized on as well as their other Familyhood sites:,,,,,, and
Since the availability of app in April 2011 and November 2012, for iPhone and Android respectively, the customers of the companies are using highly rated app. Customer of had been quickly shifting their usage to mobile and tablet devices.

Ron Feldman , director of Quidsi’s mobile and tablet group said that “Our mission is to make shopping for baby essentials as easy as possible, and our customers have been telling us that shopping on a tablet is a key part of that,” In December 2012 40% of all trade came mostly from tablet devices and mobile. We are happy to help and simplify the life style of the parents by providing them the facility of iPad app.

The free app for iPad provides a unique shopping experience and wide assortment of products that found on the website and Android apps and on the iPhone which provides fast, free delivery on the order of more than $49.

Remarkable app features include:

  1. Consumer is able to start and end their shopping experience anytime anywhere through shopping cart and account that are synched with the web.
  2. Through My lists the quick access is possible to reorder the items purchased frequently.
  3. It gives the option of voice search or scanning a barcode which make fast search.
  4. Search and browse across the whole Quidsi Familyhood of sites.
  5. The iPad app will make the baby essentials shopping easier for busy moms even during middle of the night feedings and for moms and dads during their numerous activities.

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