Return of the Jedi Script / Screenplay Art Posters [pic]

It seems like the one thing in common with all good works of art is that they often have a lot of tedium involved. Whether it is building something out of thousands of LEGO bricks or writing the entire script from a movie word for word and then doing something cool with it, more patience is required than I possess! Well, I think this is a prime example of that.

Etsy seller LynxCollection is selling selling these Star Wars: Return of the Jedi script / screenplay posters for just $99.95. This is a set of four 18″ x 24″ posters with the entire Return of the Jedi script typed on them in 8 point font with Star Wars characters created on them by coloring certain parts of the text. They are printed on 100 year archival satin photo paper.

These would go great on any Star Wars lover’s wall! Speaking of things that would go great on the walls of a Star Wars fans house, I’d suggest checking out the other posters created by the same Etsy seller that we have posted in the past. There are two sets, posters for the original Star Wars trilogy and a set for the prequel trilogy. All three sets are limited editions so get them while you still can!

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Return of the Jedi Script Posters

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Script Posters

[Source: Etsy]