Darth Vader and the “Clockwork Orange” Guy Do Facebook Updates (Video)


While you kind of feel badly for them, James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell manage to still look classy in the new Sprint commercials, in which they emote on a phone call and, in another, on Facebook updates for someone named Jenna.

“I think I see you. Nope, wasn’t you,” booms Jones, who has most memorably been the voice of Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” films, among other big roles.

“Now, I’m by the tools … now, I’m by the linens,” responds McDowell, who once starred as Alex in the movie classic, “A Clockwork Orange.”

Ah, well:

Return of the Jedi Script / Screenplay Art Posters [pic]

It seems like the one thing in common with all good works of art is that they often have a lot of tedium involved. Whether it is building something out of thousands of LEGO bricks or writing the entire script from a movie word for word and then doing something cool with it, more patience is required than I possess! Well, I think this is a prime example of that.

Etsy seller LynxCollection is selling selling these Star Wars: Return of the Jedi script / screenplay posters for just $99.95. This is a set of four 18″ x 24″ posters with the entire Return of the Jedi script typed on them in 8 point font with Star Wars characters created on them by coloring certain parts of the text. They are printed on 100 year archival satin photo paper.

These would go great on any Star Wars lover’s wall! Speaking of things that would go great on the walls of a Star Wars fans house, I’d suggest checking out the other posters created by the same Etsy seller that we have posted in the past. There are two sets, posters for the original Star Wars trilogy and a set for the prequel trilogy. All three sets are limited editions so get them while you still can!

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Return of the Jedi Script Posters

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Script Posters

[Source: Etsy]

Take a Tour of Rancho Obi-Wan, The Largest Star Wars Collection in the Galaxy

Take a Tour of Rancho Obi-Wan, The Largest Star Wars Collection in the Galaxy

Steve Sansweet is a bit of a rebel among hardcore Star Wars collectors. While many afficianados will specialize a single type of memorabilia—Rob Foster’s 2,000-piece set only includes figurines for example—Sansweet will pick up anything from the series for curation in his massive, 300,000-piece museum, Rancho Obi-Wan.

Rancho Obi-Wan is located in Northern California just outside of Sonoma, about an hour North of San Francisco. The 9,000 square foot facility reportedly houses “35 years of Star Wars treasures from all over the world, from movie-used props to tubes of toothpaste.” Tours cost a staggering $200 for two people but are led by Sansweet himself and last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on how many obscure questions you feel like peppering him with. [Tested]

R2-D2 Suitcase

Here at GeekAlerts we love R2-D2 and anything styled in their honor. Obviously so do the actual designers with Salvador Bachiller. While not technically licensed, therefore no standard Star Wars R2-D2 name, this particular rolling luggage looks enough like that android for us in order to call it a good R2-D2 Suitcase.Produced from rigid plastic-type, the baggage features zipper closure, several wheels for 360 degree switching, an adjustable take care of, and mixture lock. Appears like this stylish suitcase offers everything yet R2′s whistles and beeps…

R2 D2 Suitcase 01

New Star Wars game coming

An additional venture from a long time ago, inside a galaxy considerably, distant will likely be arriving it’s already been established, and will also be reported at this year’s E3. Spike TV is set in order to display screen a new signature of brand new game play video clips on the subject within a dwell E3 display with August Several. GTTV can also be hosting the intro movie trailer in the pre-E3 present with Might Thirty-one.There aren’t any authentic hints at just what the new video game are going to be, although a lot of think that this could function as the previously stated Battlefront III, even so, there’s absolutely no reason that the brand new headline isn’t a fully brand new day trip about the Gi joe Universe. Individually, I’d enjoy visiting the particular resurrection regarding Knights in battle on the Outdated Republic, however that’s most likely less likely. Let’s only wish of which no matter what as it turns out to be is usually a great deal a lot better than the actual travesty which was The exorcist: Kinect.The story will come at a time when The Previous Republic has been apparently dropping members, and so it’s impossible of which it’ll become a different on the web simply subject inside an Role play game form.

Star Wars game