Keep the Kids Active

One of the fastest growing epidemics in parts of the world are obese children. Unfortunately school budget cuts, the cyber age and growth of video games introduced a more sedentary lifestyle and fast food is, well fast and fattening. The attention formerly invested in running around, playing games and being physically active now resides in sitting at a desk or in front of a TV. But if you know kids like I do, you can usually incentivize them to get out and be active. Their competitive nature provides a perfect catalyst to get them back to physical activity.

Meet Sqord, promoting healthy and active play among children. Currently in Beta phase, Sqord enables kids equipped with a Sqord PowerBand to track their activity. After they create their PowerMe profile online – including a customizable fav icon – they start being active. Running, jumping, hoping, walking. Everything is tracked by the band. Sqord partnered with FitBit to use their advanced accelerometer technology to track activity. Then just swipe the band over a Sqord SyncStation. Activity is all tracked and recorded to the child’s account. As a kid becomes active they can be rewarded with virtual medals or points and get into competitions with friends or classmates. They can even send each other virtual high fives and congrats. Not to fear. The Sqord unit is made for kids and virtually indestructible (see video). Although in beta you can sign up for more information on their website. If you have a houseful or a classroom full of little ones let technology help them be more active – rather than less active.

Thanks: Washington Post
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