Microsoft to release OneNote for Mac this month for free


OneNote, Microsoft’s note-taking app, is coming to the Mac this month. The app will be free to better compete with Evernote, a similar note-taking service with presence across all platforms.

While OneNote for Windows is paid, OneNote for Mac will be a free app, and Microsoft will soon make the Windows version free as well. Microsoft already has iOS and Android versions of OneNote, and the app coming to the Mac will make it a worthy cross-platform alternative to Evernote, especially for users with iOS devices and Macs.

Microsoft is also working on adding features to OneNote, as reported by The Verge:

A new web clipper feature is coming to OneNote soon that will allow users to clip parts of webpages directly into a OneNote. We’re told that Microsoft is creating browser extensions to allow clipping directly from the web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. The feature is very similar to Evernote’s own web clipper, and we understand Microsoft will also allow OneNote users to email notes to its service to be included in a notebook.

Microsoft will also release an updated version of Office for Mac this year, along with an iPad compatible Office iOS app.

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