Montaj – Taking Video Editing and Sharing to a New Level

Montaj is the latest application into the segment of mobile videos which can also be referred as an Instagram for Video. The founders of Montaj are Demir Gjokaj and Dan Long from New York. Montaj is based on the idea of facilitating video sharing which is not quite new since other startups including Viddy and Socialcam have already catered to this need. The concern associated with such applications is the quality of video for which throwing a filter is not enough but it involves editing efforts.The founders of Montaj were asked about the usability of the application for Hollywood movies. In response to this question, Gjokaj said that the short duration of Hollywood movies has been decreased over time. The founder further stated that now the audience demands less shooting; however, the shoot must pick up the pace.

Although, start up applications has already catered to the need of video watching and sharing, there are certain differences between Montaj and those applications. When using Montaj, users can break down videos into different clips of five seconds duration. Those clips can later be integrated together. After developing and compiling short clips, the users can assemble videos and storyboard through the application. After this step, a song can be added and users can add a new filter. The application brings excitement to adventurous people by allowing them to create a new edit and a new filter just through shaking their phone. So, adventurous people just have to say “screw it” and shake the phone in order to bring a new song, filter, and edit.

In some cases, users do not like the order of the video or songs that have been chosen by the application. Montaj resolves this problem by allowing users to trim and rearrange clips. Users can also import new clips and change the filter. The application does not only facilitate video creation but also video sharing since users can share their videos on YouTube. The default settings include those videos in unlisted ones; however, they can later be added to the public list. Not only can this but the links of videos be shared through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
In the future, the application is also expected to monetize videos created by users. It is expected that, in the future, Montaj will enable brands to work with customers who make high quality and amazing videos for those brands. Montaj will run on different devices including iPhone 3Gs and the iPad.

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