Will Google buy the Instant Street View Search App

Some time ago I got the chance to talk with one of the directors of Google search. According to him, autocomplete and instant search were the two best features that resulted in the progress of this company. Through this feature you only have to type few words rather than typing out the whole thing which required more time and thought, before clicking search option.Now, after writing few words Google search will try to predict the topic that you are searching. Google Maps does not have this feature. It will be interesting to see Google Maps with this feature. At present, on Geo developers Blog the team of Google has brought into consideration a service that has built this feature.

QSView is the team that has built this but I never heard of this team before.

It is named as Instant Google Street View. When you type a location, a window appears that shows the results. The results will keep on changing as you carry on typing. When you see the location that you are looking for in the window, you can select it from there and there will be no need of clicking the search option after that.

It will be interesting here to see that whether this will become the part of Street View officially or not. You Tube has already hired it as a side project.

Autocomplete Service of Google is used by the Instant Street View to find the location that you are searching for. Once you have found out the place that you were looking for, you can either get a fast look at the map or you can share it with your friends and families through social networking website.

The process is very fast and takes few minutes. You should try this out. Share the images from Instant Street View. You can also bookmark the place.

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Apple’s decision of not using NFC in iPhone 5 will place NFC market back by 2 years in Western Europe and North America.

when iPhone 5 was not launched in the market, there were rumors all around that whether Apple will use NFC in its phone. In order to power the mobile payments the wireless transfer tech can be used but Apple has not used it in their device. According to Juniper (an analyst), this decision of not using wireless transfer tech will place the NFC market back by almost 2 years in Europe and U.S.

Apple’s rivals like HTC, Samsung and Nokia are using NFC in their devices and thus in the area of NFC these rivals are ahead of Apple. RIM has also launched some of the BlackBerrys with NFC. According to Phil Schiller, in the company’s eye Passbook is a good alternative. He further said that with iOS 6 the users can store the loyalty cards and tickets on their phones and it works according to the payment infrastructure of retailers so that there is no need of investing in new point of sale devices.

The analyst Juniper says that the decision by Apple of not using NFC will reduce the confidence of different brands and retailers in this technology. This will lead to decrease in the NFC sale and less people will encounter this technology in their mobile.

The report by Juniper has predicted that by 2017 the phones available with NFC will be below the estimates given in the past. In the year 2017, the global retail transaction values of NFC will reach around $110 billion. In the previous forecast it was predicted to be $180 billion.

Holden said that without Apple’s back it will be hard to direct the retailers and users towards new recent modes of payment.

The regions that will be most affected by Apple’s decision are Western Europe and North America but it will have almost no impact on Japan and South Korea.

Other mobile payment devices are also available that do not require NFC but analyst has not discussed anything about these alternatives.

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The Mojo Tech is working and awakening in Moscow

A hotel in Moscow called Radisson Royal hotel is not an inexpensive place to have caviar and blinis. At present It seems like this hotel is the centre of capitalism. This hotel has a very different history.
This hotel was constructed in the year 1957 and was initially named as hotel Ukraina. This remained one of the tallest buildings on this planet for about 23 years. Actually this was one of the nine planned Stalin’s neoclassical skyscraper which were named as Stalinskie Vysotki. The meaning of this name in English is “Stalin’s High Rises”. Out of the nine planned skyscrapers, seven were built. They are also recognized as “The Seven Sisters” or “The Stalin Gothics”This projected started after Stalin said that they have won the war but there are no skyscrapers to see when foreigners will visit Moscow.

After renovation, the hotel Ukraina was reopened 3 years ago. The hotel was renamed as Radisson Royal Hotel. This hotel has thirty eight penthouse apartment and 505 bedrooms. The Skolkovo Foundation was formed in the same year and their aim was to support Russia.

This Foundation aims at changing the perception of Russia from a mineral producing country to a technological country. In Moscow, the Skolkovo Foundation will build a giant business park which will accommodate blue chip global companies and hundreds of start-ups.

Russia does not have a shortage of funds as according to its law all the Russian state companies will have to invest about one percent of their earnings in R&D. for example, gas company Gazprom generated about $4billion in profits.

The Skolkovo will accommodate over seven hundred start ups and it will also attract foreign investment companies like IBM, Cisco, Siemens and Rosneft.

According to the VP External Economic Relations Skolkovo, Conor Lenihan said that they are trying to create a friendly environment where foreign companies will invest their money. This will also create a heritage for Russian children so that they can become entrepreneurs and do not have to leave their own country in search of a good fortune.

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U.K government has decided to board P2P lending train, it will lend £30 million through lending sites Zopa and Funding Circle

Despite the efforts of U.K government, they are unable to compel the high street banks to start lending money to small businesses. This can become a big problem for economy of U.K. To solve this problem a latest solution given by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills is boarding the P2P lending train.
The government of U.K has promised to lend tax payer’s money to SME’s. This will be done with the help of alternative finance scheme. The ‘Zopa’ and ‘Funding Circle’ are the two sites for P2P lending and they will benefit from this. Zopa will receive 10m whereas Funding Circle will receive 20m.If the British government gets approval from parliament, then they will be using both the sites and will lend money to businesses that are in connection with P2P lending platform.

According to Vince Cable the business secretary, a wide range of financial options should be given to the medium and small size businesses and it should also include non-bank lending options. He further said that at present the new versions of finance are present in small scale. They should try to give more competition to lending market.

The word small scale used by Vince Cable is appropriate because 30 million is not a great amount and it will not have much effect on boosting the economy of U.K. But according to one of the Britain’s supermarket, even the little measures can help to boost the economy. The Union Square Ventures and Index are backing up Funding Circle. The target of Funding Circle is SMEs and since two years (from the day of launch to the present day) they have managed to lend 65 million to over 1,300 UK businesses through their platform. In the previous month they lent 7 million alone.

Few days ago Zopa announced that they are starting the latest round of funding. Previously they have raised $40 million. The P2P lending sector is being appreciated by major players in the businesses

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Now you can buy iTunes credit for your friends and suggest them what should they purchase.

Now Apple and Facebook have strengthened their coalition, as Facebook Gifts will now be selling iTunes digital gifts. By purchasing this, Facebook users will be able to suggest their friends the items (video, apps, or music) on which they should spend their $10 to $50 credit. This is one of the most popular gifts in world that the Facebook gift store is offering. Through this Facebook will be able to enhance the sales and split the margin by 30%.

We don’t know about the true revenue split between Apple and Facebook but what we know is that neither of the partners has to pay the shipping cost.

If this latest alliance between Apple and Facebook becomes successful, then a healthy atmosphere will be created where Facebook users will be able to buy the iTune credits for their beloved friends who love to buy apps or media and share this news on Facebook.

After Starbucks, iTunes is the most consistent partner of Facebook. Facebook entered into ecommerce at the end of September. Initially its products were available to a small number of people in US but then it expanded its services to millions of people in out there.

The process of purchasing the iTunes gift is very easy. First of all the user has to select a friend for whom he is purchasing the gift and then he will select the amount of gift in dollars. After this the user can also give suggestion to their friends about what should they buy. After completing this procedure, the gift will be shown as wrapped up on the timeline of recipient until they check it out.

Facebook has made this process of buying very easy. It will not only help to capture the attention of large number of people who like to do shopping through ecommerce but will also convert the non-shoppers into shopping addicts

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