Chromebook Pixel with retina touchscreen coming in time for Google I/O? (with video!)

ChromeBook Pixel with touch

If a concept video that recently went public on YouTube is an accurate indicator, Google may be planning on showing off the touchscreen “Chromebook Pixel” with an ultra-high def display at Google’s I/O developer conference this year. The panel on this unannounced Chromebook is believed to boast a native resolution of 2560×1700 pixels. The facts aren’t entirely clear but this might be related to Google’s rumored “Project Link.”

The company behind the video (which was taken down just hours ago), SlinkyMe, says that the video made its way to YouTube after company servers were breached by hackers. It’s certainly a possibility, especially when you consider the fact that someone has changed the company’s channel logo to Anonymous’ signature Guy Fawkes mask. Then again, it’s also possible that the video was accidentally set public and the slip up needed a good cover story.

ChromeBook Pixel with touch - 002

Whatever the case may be, connected Chromehead Francois Beaufort says that he’s certain this device is currently being tested by the guys and gals in Mountain View. Several still images from the video were captured by Liliputing before the video was taken down. From what you can see, the designers Chromebook Pixel seem to have leaned on the MacBook for inspiration.

The chiclet keyboard is backlit and surrounded by what looks like an aluminum shell — though it seems likely that the chassis would actually be made from plastic if current this device is going to sell for a typical Chromebook price. It’s hard to imagine a high-end Chromebook hitting the market at this point in time. Google’s partners have all positioned their Chrome OS portables at the budget end of the spectrum so far.

Still, Google could be planning on putting the Chromebook Pixel — which may also be called the Chromebook Link — in the hands of developers and members of the tech press. That’s exactly what the company did with the first Chromebook, the Cr-48, and maybe this new model is going to be used to give that same group a glimpse at what the next generation of Chromebooks will look like.

With Google I/O 2013 coming up in a few months, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Google trot out a new flagship device like this.

Update – 1:35pm – Here is the video…

Editor’s note: Having seen the video I’m not quite confident that this is legitimate . It seems just a little bit off, as if this was a student video project or something along those lines. The video is definitely slick, but it doesn’t have the feel of an official Google release. Also the laptop looks rendered and no manufacturer was noted, which would be strange for a Chromebook release. The fonts don’t seem to be an exact match to Google’s standard selection either.

I’d say take this one with a grain of salt and try not to get too excited until we get closer to I/O.