The Muppet Movie: It’s Time For a Road Trip

In 1979 Jim Hension brought the muppets to the big screen with the aptly titled film “The Muppet Movie.” On December 5th, the Muppet Movie came to Netflix. Tonight, you should watch it.

I probably don’t have to extol its virtues to most of you, but for the one of you out there who may not have seen it in his or her youth (!), it’s a wonderfully wacky film with a cast of characters you know you’ll love, great (yet somehow wholesome!) laughs, and some killer tunes. There’s also this whole bunch of really bizarre meta-fictive humor involving the Muppets finding the script to the movie they’re in which is also the movie they wind up making, kind off. It’s great. And now that it’s on Netflix, there’s no excuse not to go give it (another) watch. At least go watch “Movin’ Right Along” on YouTube if nothing else. [Netflix]