Will Google buy the Instant Street View Search App

Some time ago I got the chance to talk with one of the directors of Google search. According to him, autocomplete and instant search were the two best features that resulted in the progress of this company. Through this feature you only have to type few words rather than typing out the whole thing which required more time and thought, before clicking search option.Now, after writing few words Google search will try to predict the topic that you are searching. Google Maps does not have this feature. It will be interesting to see Google Maps with this feature. At present, on Geo developers Blog the team of Google has brought into consideration a service that has built this feature.

QSView is the team that has built this but I never heard of this team before.

It is named as Instant Google Street View. When you type a location, a window appears that shows the results. The results will keep on changing as you carry on typing. When you see the location that you are looking for in the window, you can select it from there and there will be no need of clicking the search option after that.

It will be interesting here to see that whether this will become the part of Street View officially or not. You Tube has already hired it as a side project.

Autocomplete Service of Google is used by the Instant Street View to find the location that you are searching for. Once you have found out the place that you were looking for, you can either get a fast look at the map or you can share it with your friends and families through social networking website.

The process is very fast and takes few minutes. You should try this out. Share the images from Instant Street View. You can also bookmark the place.

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