OS X Mountain Lion- A new step towards innovation

The newest development of Apple is going to be the availability of OS X Mountain Lion over the Mac. This service was lastly available over the iPads and world has already taken many benefits from this operating system. Now, Apple has taken plunge in introducing the same operating system over iPhones and iPods.

From the summers 2012; the current Mac users will be permitted to upgrade their current Mountain Lion from the store of Mac App. They will be able to take pleasure in exploring the shiny Messages, Notes, Reminders, Airplay mirroring, Share Sheets and Twitter integration.

With Mac’s OS X Mountain Lion; users will be able to send unlimited messages to the other users of Mac and iPhones, iPods and iPads. Nothing will remain unsaid now; they can maintain the privacy of their messages and can enjoy iChat. They will also be able to share photos, documents, videos and other things with their iCompany.

They can set glossy reminders and make sure; that nothing would slip from their minds. They can jot down notes with photos and attachments. These set notes can be modified and can be shared with other friends. At the arrival of new emails, messages or friend request; the notification centre will pop up a small window. This will be the time to check what’s important going on.

New Tweet Sheet that is the most alarming feature of OS X Mountain Lion will allow the users to add Tweets links and photos from iPhotos, Safari or Phooto Booth. Users will not be needing to log of from the twitter even if they are using any other app.

Users can sign in with their friends in the Game Centers. They can enjoy games with the multiple players and can update their scores from the Apple account. They can also use the AirPlay Mirroring for sharing channels of Apple TV, web pages and videos. Mac’s GateKeeper is there to ensure that the iPhone, Ipad and iPods are saving from the suspicious downloading and uploading. It alarms the users and make sure that no one is playing with their security.

All these features can be availed with the newest innovation of OS X Mountain Lion.

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