Google and Apple Go Head to Head Again With 3D Maps

Apple have longed to be free of Google’s era-defining Maps product on their iPhone devices (it’s been used to power apps that have helped to bolster iPhone’s success like Foursquare, the GPS service and recently Siri.) Apple’s plans to produce a maps product of their own have been well known for a while now, giving Google ample time to announce a product upgrade of their own. For example, Apple chose to exclude Google Maps data from the iPhoto for iPad app released early this year.

Google Maps Announce Maps in 3D

The worldwide developer’s conference was the stage for the announcement of the new-look Google maps. The search giant has already added 3D parallax shading on many of its map services. It doesn’t appear to be full 3D as yet, and some wonder if Google’s announcement has jumped the gun a little. The new Google maps may not tempt anyone way from iPhone 4 deals.

Apple’s Spy Plane Technology

Somewhat unnervingly, Apple is said to be using intelligence technologies to create the images used in its mapping product. It’s said that the images will be able to show objects as tiny as 4 inches. The 3D maps are expected to be added to mobile devices running on IOS 6. Apple also recently acquired European mapping firm C3 Technologies in order to push their project forward. Back in 2009, Apple begun the development process by adding the mapping company PlaceBase to its portfolio.

Some however, aren’t convinced. Are 3D maps an enhancement of your traveling and browsing experience or merely a superficial add-on? It remains to be seen what the knock-on effect of 3D mapping will be, whether it will be hailed as a brave new step forwards or a piece of hype that provided little in way of extra usability or satisfaction from the apps. Full details are expected to be announced at the Developer conference later on today.

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