PerfectMenu, an ideal site for restaurant owners who are facing difficulties to manage online menus. is a site that helps the people who dine out to get the online menus and to maintain them. Few months ago, an Israeli named Aviv Hadar gave the concept for PerfectMenu. He introduced this concept after he came to know about the difficulties that restaurant and caf owners are facing. These owners did not have a proper a way of managing the online menus.Aviv Hadar found out that most owners ended up by posting the menus on their website in PDF form. Menus in PDF form are difficult to read. This proves to be a terrible experience for users as not only it’s difficult to read but it is also difficult to maintain menus through this way. The situation demands the creation of new PDF menus that might have to be uploaded every single day.

The product introduced by Aviv Hadar is very simple to use. It can be used easily by the owners or employees to upload the menus.

Menus can be set up in minutes. Updating the menus is also very easy and takes little time. Menus can feature the logo of restaurant or cafe to which it belongs. It also shows links to the social networking website like Twitter or Facebook. Telephone number and map of the eatery can also be viewed through menu. The menus are designed in a way to support several locations.

With all those features a professional menu is generated that can be easily viewed on web or mobile phones. After posting the menu online it is either embedded in it or linked to the official site of eateries. This part requires a little bit of technical work but once it is done, managing the menus becomes easy.

Next time when you are planning to dine out, visit the website to look for the menu.

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