Google expanded its Magazine section to UK’s Google Play Store. Europe might be the next one

Earlier this month Google announced that they are now launching their Magazines section of Google Play apps in U.K. Some users of Android in U.K started noticing the section before the official launch but the official launch of the magazine was on 13th December 2012. Now everyone can access this magazine section.
After the launch, the magazine section will show more than 100 UK titles which includes Traveller, Conde Nast’sVogue and Hello. This will be a great fun for all those people who like to read about their favorite celebs and royals. The tech titles which include the Official Xbox Magazine, PC Gamer and Crochet Today are dominating the top sellers.The launch of magazine section in other European countries is uncertain. In Germany and France, the Magazine tab is available on the Google Play store localized version. But this section doen not have any local content. We are trying to ask Google about this.

The Google is also offering other services on Google Play which includes movie and book purchases. It was first launched in U.S in the month of June. In the month of October, a web reader for Magazines was launched in U.S. In November, Music was introduced on Google Play in U.K and other countries in the Europe.

With the launch of this magazine section, more content will be available for Android users especially for those users who use tablets to read long form of contents.

Google is also facing the challenge to maintain its Android device as a desirable purchase. The competitors of Google are Amazon, Apple, iPad and kindle Fire. In the previous year, Android tablets managed to take over some market shares from iPad. This season is difficult for Google as Kindle Fire has launched its Windows 8 tablets which are cheaper than Android tablets. Apple is also launching its new iPad models.

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