Apple, “Somebody stop me!!!”

Not far long was the announcement of the Verizon iPhone. The iPhone community all over the globe are beginning to hear news that incorporates Apple’s plans to prepare the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 based upon a newer and faster dual core processor that would support much higher resolution in an astonishing way.

So much for the iPhone community being able to enjoy games and applications on their iPhone that incorporate high resolution, it wasn’t long when people were left awed with the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 is assumed to be very much around the corner. The newer and faster dual core processor can very easily inherit the legacy of the A4 (the processor used in iPhone 4 and iPad) and the chances are high that it would be called A5.

Apple has been working along the Blue Ocean strategy for long. It is their high quality and distinctive interface upon which they prepare their products that really matters. The non-compatibility of major applications has allowed Apple to stand out of the ordinary. Apple, be it iPhone, iPad or their systems, has always considered its competition as well as its customers irrelevant.

Alongside Apple, another highly successful interface is that of the Google Android. Android has done wonders with respect to its growth and success in recent times. But most importantly, Google Android has not yet been as quick in terms of development as the Apple and its iPhone.

Think of a 10-inch display screen that incorporates features and high resolution that a 24-inch monitor displays. This sort of development and expertise in technology is something that is not usually heard of and if anyone has had the potential to do it, that anyone surely cannot be any other than Apple who can make it happen. Similar technology is reportedly to be utilized in the Apple TV and it would further augment the productivity and effectiveness of the iPad 2 as the usage of this technology would make the iPad 2 compatible for all GSM, UMTS and CDMA networks.

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